Apps for Android- Adventurous Spree with Temple Run

The new tech savvy world around has introduced us to many new gadgets and machines and among these is the Smartphone trend which is growing fast and clamoring into everybody’s pockets. An android phone keeps you busy in your own world where you do not need any company for hours; there are innumerable applications for Android Phones in the market.

It becomes difficult to choose the right application among so many apps with unreliable user reviews leaving you confused to choose the right one. Downloading too many apps makes your phone database unorganized and takes the storage space too. There are many android apps for free like games, music, MP3 and many more. Among them is the temple run for free which is an amazing game and high resolution retina display keeps you enthralled as it takes you along the exotic and adventurous locations.

Types of Applications for your Android

Innumerable applications are available on your finger tips once your hands are on an Android Phone. One can easily access thousands of apps through Google play which are available in the market for free and many are available with a cost like games, music, photo apps, reading, movie applications, and downloading apps, dance, Skype, flash player, face book apps, security apps, Google docs, Gmote, file managers, and many more. You name it and you will be flooded with options in the android market.

Thumps up for the Game Lovers

The free android apps is a plus point for the game lovers, there are many games which keeps you glued to your device for example Temple Run is an awesome game which takes you through adventurous locations where the character keeps running and takes you through the narrow lanes, controlling the character through swiping left or right and up or down to make it jump to surpass the hurdles like rivers, trees, fire, cracks and clefts coming through the way. The zeal of the game is increased through the challenges that come your way you can boost your power through upgrades which can be done through obtaining maximum coins. Coins are collected by tilting your phone sideways. Running away from the monsters and collecting power ups and coins at the same time keeps you engrossed in the phone. The graphics are so finely designed that you get captivated with the flow of the game.

Free Apps for Android

The android market is inundated with new applications every day which are available for free as well as paid. Temple run is the most popular application in the market which is available for free; it has more than 2 million followers and is the top free app in the appstore with many five star reviews. The enrapturing graphics gives a good gaming experience and is apt to kill your free time.


One should always be careful while selecting the applications for your phone. Downloading too many apps can take away your storage and clutter up in to your phone.

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