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Temple Run is presently a very popular game and the youngsters feel it is going to be the next Angry Birds as it is easy but wonderfully addictive. In Temple Run 2 which is a sequel to the crash hit incident that took the planet by a storm! With nearly 165 million downloads, Temple Run 2 has literally redefined games in mobiles. With this new game there is more elating and invigorating running, leaping, rotating and descending and you simply fall in love with this game.

The most recent features that have been introduced in this game are amazing graphics, gorgeous new organic surroundings, different obstacles, Extra powerups, additional achievements, extraordinary power for each character, bigger monkey. In this game you have to run at a great pace and pass through the different hurdles and obstacles like pitfalls, trees , fire and o the way keep on collecting powerups and coins even as keep on losing the untamed carnivorous monkeys which are in the process, chasing you. The best thing about Temple Run 2 is that it is an absolutely free download.

Temple Run 2 is a very addictive and involves a lot of adventure which is suggestive of games like the well-liked Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot which are other successful games for the Sony PlayStation. The game operates very nicely on the touch screen to manage the character throughout an adventure in a large number of striking and unusual locations. The controls in this game are extremely simple, which makes the game even more addictive. The character in the game is continually running and you just swipe the monitor left or then right to change the direction, and move up or down to leap or glide, so that you are I a position to avoid obstacles like the fallen trees, fire and cracks. Just to make the game even more exciting and to make it even more demanding you is alongside the clock, and continuously being chased by a large number of enemies like monsters of different shapes and zombies. To gain points or to collect coins you have to tilt the device whether it is an iPad or a phone.

In fact just to reveal how popular this game is that over 1.5 million visitors LIKE Temple Run on Facebook, and it has gained 80 thousands 5 star rated reviews in the AppStore. An additional benefit is that Temple Run 2 free download for android has also been made available so its fame is growing with every passing day.

 Temple Run 2

On the whole there is nothing bad to say about Temple Run 2, in particular as it is accessible for free. Even though games similar to these like a far cry from the console games, it is really so much of fun that youngsters feel lot of entertainment, and feel it is an ideal game if you have are getting bored and want to involve yourself and keep yourself occupied, Temple Run 2 won’t give you a single boring moment.

Temple Run 2 Gameplay


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