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What to Avoid with Mobile Advertising


What to Avoid with Mobile Advertising

ispoz July 17, 2014

If you’re trying to promote a business, you’ve probably tried different types of marketing in Charlotte. You might have tried one or dozens of other printing services in Charlotte, but things just don’t seem to be moving the way you’d like. Maybe you even had an epiphany: mobile marketing is the way to go. Unfortunately, due to its unique nature, there are a lot of things you can do wrong in mobile marketing that are just fine in other formats. Below are just a few things you should try to avoid when working on a mobile marketing campaign.

Be creepy

Oddly enough, this is easier said than done. Although most people aren’t creepy by nature, the way people consume mobile marketing is very personal. And if your images are set up in just the wrong way, the best case could be that you alienate people. The worst case is that you actually scare them. One more innocuous example might be advertising for a special diet pill that appears right after an ad for a new double bacon cheeseburger on Facebook. It’s not like you meant to do it, but it’s odd enough that someone who sees it might be thrown out of their comfort zone and feel like your messaging is nagging them. All that because you interrupted their mouth-watering thoughts.

Be passive

This is one of the most rudimentary rules of marketing: make all your messaging—including text and visuals—active instead of passive. A passive tone in either is more likely to let people off the hook without feeling like there’s any real urgency. Therefore, there is no call to action (explained below). It’s more important you avoid passive voice in your writing, both because it keeps your sentences shorter and clearer, but active voice has the added benefit that it spurs people to do something.

Let people go

Whether you’re fishing for business leads or actual fish, the point isn’t to get them close to you, then see them get away. The point is to bring them in. That’s why using a call to action (CTA) is so important. For example, if you are producing a podcast and want people to engage with you by sending feedback, you’ll want to add something into your show. Saying something like “Send me feedback at [email protected]” or something like that is a great example. Don’t worry about sounding pushy. Don’t worry that you’re telling people what to do. If people realize that they’re listening to a section of the show where they’re getting your contact information, they’ll be prepared. They’ll accept this CTA as simply another piece of information, but are more likely to act on it. But if you’re producing posters or banners, you might want to have only a CTA. A banner that says “Join the club today!” is going to be common, and people are more likely to show interest in what you have to say if you have a clear goal for them.

Marketing in Charlotte doesn’t have to be brain surgery. Sure, you can go to all the copy shops in town to try getting your print material just right, then go to other printing services in Charlotte so you can figure out the best way to send things. But if you’ve been looking at streamlining your marketing onto a mobile platform, you just need to remember: be careful. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.


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