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Introducing Sprint’s Powerful Cell Phone Tracker Service

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Introducing Sprint’s Powerful Cell Phone Tracker Service

ispoz July 31, 2014

Today I’m going to be teaching you about a very useful service that is available only for Sprint Wireless customers. This is a service called the “Sprint Family Locator” that makes it possible to easily find the exact location of a cell phone from the Internet.

Introducing the Sprint Family Locator

In this article I’ll be spending a few minutes covering the reason I believe you should choose the Sprint Family Locator if your are a Sprint customer and you are trying to pick a cell phone tracker service. There are numerous functions that Sprint’s service has that some of the other free cell phone tracker applications simply do not. Even though you might have to shell out a small fee to use Sprint’s service, it’s well worth the money and it’s only $5 dollars per month. That’s really quite a reasonable price to pay for such a great service.

As expected, the Sprint Locator service does a good job of locating a cell phone which is what it is advertised to do. This in itself isn’t what makes this service so great. What makes it great is that fact that it has a really handy feature called “automatic safety checks”. If you choose to use Sprints cell phone tracking service, you’ll find that this feature will allow you to routinely determine the location of the members on you cellular phone account without you actually needing to do special anything at all.

Users who choose to activate this feature will be sent an automated message that is sent to your cell phone or email at the predetermined time of day of their choosing. The text message will tell users the actual physical address of the cell phone that the feature is set up for. You might be curious about what this would be useful for so allow me take a minute and describe for you how parents might utilize it in their life.

For parents who have to work Monday through Friday their children may have to walk to school. They may also get out of school before their parents get off work so they may have to walk home from school by themselves as well. This can really stress parents out because every day they’ll worry that something might happen to their kids while they are walking to school or home from school.

Given that the Sprint phone tracker offers automated location checking, all concerned parents have to do is enable automatic safety checks for their children’s cell phones. Then, each day they’ll get a text message sent to their cell phone at the precise time in which they expect their children to arrive at school or home after school. Because of this feature, parents don’t have to waste any time worrying about their children’s safety. This feature alone is worth paying $5 bucks per month for.

What Makes The Sprint Family Locator Different?

One of the other things that makes the Sprint Family Locator GPS tracking service different than many similar services that are on the market is that users don’t have to install any special software onto the phone that they would like to track. Users also don’t need to own a smartphone to use this service so there’s no need to upgrade your phone if you would like to sign up. Any phones that will work on the Sprint network can be tracked with this service. This is different from many cell phone tracking apps that must be installed on a programmable smartphone.

Your Privacy Is Also Protected

Fortunately for Sprint Family Locator users, your privacy is also protected. Sprint sends a text message to the phone that is being tracked periodically to remind the user that the phone is able to be tracked via the tracking service.

Users who want to track a particular Sprint cell phone must also enter their user name and password before they can track any phones.

Additionally, users can only track cell phones that are on their own Sprint family plan. This is good news for those who worry that just anyone will have the ability to track their cell phone.

If you’re a Sprint customer and you want to give this cell phone tracking service a try, Sprint will let their customers test drive it for 15 days for free. If you like it after the 15 days are up, all you’ll have to pay is $5.00 a month and you can track up to four cell phones that are on your account.


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