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Useful Applications for Small Businesses

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Useful Applications for Small Businesses

ispoz July 20, 2014

Using the right software applications will enable you to make your business more productive. Here are some of the apps that you should check out.

Google Drive

Aside from its amazing features, one of the best things about Google Drive is the fact that it is free. This app is a combination of office applications, along with a cloud document storage. Furthermore, Google drive is compatible with mobile platforms. This means that you can run the application on your smartphone and other similar mobile devices.

Google drive has various office features. It has a word processor, an excel reader and a PowerPoint feature. Although it is not as powerful as Microsoft Office applications, Google still serves as a perfect alternative.

As mentioned earlier, Google drive has a cloud service feature, which allows you to share data and information to other people. In this way, you do not have to email them anymore. They can simply access the data you have shared on their Google drive when they login.


As the name implies, this is an application designed for note taking. It also allows you to create lists and store them in a cloud storage. Evernote focuses more on file sharing. The app also works well with Google drive.

Evernote also allows you to store any photos, videos or audios that you have recorded with your device’s microphone or camera. The app also enables you to organise your tags and notebooks, which makes searching easier for you.


If you want an application that will help you make your social marketing strategy effective, then HootSuite will be the right app for you. HootSuite enable you to manage five social media accounts through its dashboard. This enables you to save time, since the app spare you from logging in to each account one by one. HootSuite also enable you to send messages to all of your accounts in one go. With HootSuite, you will be more efficient in your social media marketing campaign.

Point of Sale Applications

If you think your traditional cash register is slowing you down, then you can install a POS software and convert your desktop computers into retail epos systems. A point of sale software has many useful features. It enables you to process your sales transactions in a much faster way. Moreover, epos till systems updates your inventory automatically every time a customer makes a purchase. This makes inventory management easier for you. You can also find POS software runs on smartphones.


If you want to be effective in managing your accounts and records, then you should use ForcePad. The app is free and is an open-source app. The application allows you to update your contacts, calendar, address books, and so forth. ForcePad can help keep thing organized in your business.

As long as you research carefully, you will be able to find useful applications that can be a big help to your business. The things mentioned above are some of the applications that you should check out. Most of them are free, so you do not have to be hesitant to try.


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