Should Your Business Have A Mobile App?

It seems that new studies come out almost daily professing the rise of smartphone usage and how people are spending more time on mobile devices than personal computers. The easy part is coming to grip with this growing trend. The difficult part for business owners and key decision makers is deciding what to do about it. These folks hear all the time that they need mobile apps, mobile websites, or responsive websites that display an appropriate user interface across all devices. So what is the answer? Well, that will depend on your business and the needs that you have.

A mobile app can be a wonderful solution for businesses, but consider these points before determining if it is worth the investment for your company.

Mobile App

Less About Marketing, More About Engagement

The purpose of a mobile app is to be a helpful resource for your audience. If deployed and utilized by your company, it should not be used as a marketing tool. Thinking about engagement first can help drive a good design strategy for a mobile app. People have become so savvy that they know when companies are trying to sell or market to them. They want information that is useful. If a mobile app is designed as a tool, it will do well.

Mobile App

Different Than a Mobile Website

Contrary to the belief of many, mobile websites and mobile apps are very different. If you think you want to design a mobile app, you need to make sure that it is not just an extension of your website. To get your website optimized properly for mobile, there are separate options for that. You can create an actual mobile website, or you can make your website responsive. A mobile app should be created with the intent of adding value or functionality for your customers. For example, providing them with tools that make interacting with your business easier. A good guide for developing an app is to think about how you use mobile apps yourselves. Convenience is key.

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Consider Your Budget

A lot of companies might hear so much about the importance of creating a mobile app, that they would feel pressure to develop one. The last thing you want to do is spend you precious budget on something that may not be needed. Do not create a mobile app just to create one. You should consider the potential return on investment first, before committing funds to this medium.

Talk to Your Customers

Too often, companies assume things about their customer base. Assuming your customers would use an app is a mistake. The better way to go about deciding whether or not to develop one is to talk to them. Conduct a survey and get their thoughts on the current tools you have available to them, then evaluate if there is a need.

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