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Thane – the perfect getaway city at the brook of Arabian Sea

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Thane – the perfect getaway city at the brook of Arabian Sea

ispoz June 30, 2015

Thane is one of the major cities of Maharashtra and a nice tourist destination. Situated close to Mumbai, the city witnesses a lot of visitors and has, over time, become a place that has both historical and modernistic significance. Hotels in Thane with tariff range to suit your pockets offer a comfortable stay. Read on to know more.

Between Mumbra Retibunder and Mankhurd Vashi Bridge lies the brook of Thane Creek situated just along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. It is an area of high ecological importance as deemed by the Bombay Natural History Society since is the shelter zone for flamingos, wading birds, and several other migratory birds. At the head of the creek, the city of Thane is situated, which comes under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Thane is the 22nd most visited city in Maharashtra and it is also known as the City of Lakes. It is a nice tourist location and a quick weekend getaway from Mumbai’s bustling and busy affairs. Even for outstation travellers, there are plenty of hotels in Thane with tariff range that is flexible from budget to luxury class.

The most prominent body of water in the City of Lakes is the Masunda Lake, often called Talao Pali. Tourists venture here for boating and water scooter adventures. Although the lake is itself is a nice attraction, you can also visit a drama theatre, called Gadkari Rangayatan, which is adjacent to the lake, for more entertainment. There is a temple as well for the devout by the lakeside, known as the Kopineshwar Mandir. It is several years old as it was built in 1750 by Chimajji Appa of the Maratha Empire. The city of Thane offers an historical insight to the visitors through its monuments and sites. You can book a comfortable stay in any of the 3 star hotels in Thane and spend some days in order to get to know the city in much details. The city is also the terminus of first ever passenger train that started in India several decades back between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST and Thane. There are multiple rail networks that connect the city to different parts of India. The best part about the city is that it shares a equable climate since it falls in the tropical monsoon zone. It implies that you would never experience scorching temperature and hence outdoor trips can be made anytime during the day.

Visitors can check out a number of attractions in Thane. R Mall and Korum Mall are a hub for shopping. Titwala Ganesh Mandir, Manas Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, etc. are the religious sites to visit and worship. Shirgaon Fort, Kohoj Hill Fort, Girakhgad Fort, and Mahuli Fort are some of the attractions to explore the history and architecture of the gone times. For more fun and relaxation, places like Kelwa Beach and Upvan Lake are worth your time. With hotels in Thane with tariff under your budget range and a number of attractions to see just on the outskirts of the metropolitan Mumbai is a sure lure for all those who like to go places and explore the tourist attractions. In a nutshell, Thane is a city that offers a diversity of activities and places which are modernistic as well as traditional. Something you that you would keep you interested.

Author Bio :-Sandeep is an experienced travel writer and enthusiast blogger. He has explored many known and less-known places in India in the last 10 years. His experience adds to his expert knowledge on the best hotels in Thane, different travel routes through trains, flights, and road. He also specializes in off-beat places to eat and stay at. He also advises amateur tourists on travel tips.


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