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Android Almighty

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Android Almighty

ispoz July 19, 2015

Today with the constant readings of targets that are equivalently arranged to match that of the warping standards of premium Smartphone operating systems, one is able to comprehend the gravity of the dominance that android has over the Smartphone world. Yes there are quite a few gleaming half-eaten chrome apples that are shining back at us as we glance around, but the appeal of the same ends as we understand that the Veblen effect is the core foundation of its selling proposition. The inaccessibility may impose the perks of exclusivity for these phones but also demands that their own requirements are tended to by the user instead of the other way round.

Now as Smartphone’s are becoming the necessity for all of our day-to-day operations, we see that it is not only the aim of operating software to help one access the areas of cyber space that are otherwise restricted but it is their duty. We also witness that there are people that are optimizing the very same operations with the help of the same devices day and day again. The solutions devised by these people are denoted by the commonly used buzzword “apps”.

We all are well aware of our dependence on Smart phone applications. We orient our lives around our cell phones; almost all of us check our phones as soon as we wake up and we have to agree that there are emergent situations in which we were bestowed the strength to tackle, by our installed utilitarian applications, be it a blackout and using of the flashlight app, getting lost in the big, mean city and using of the navigation app or just relaxing and commuting with our favorite radio stations, Smartphone’s have become the bedrock of our existence

After considering the vitality of these operating systems, we turn to the common human tendency of quantification. So now we try and contemplate which operating system is better. With the record breaking sales of the iPhone one may, advocate the quality of iOS though the sheer size of the quantity it was sold in , but then the flagship exclusivity starts to fade away as we are introduced to the drawbacks which need to be compensated and  restrictions that are imposed. When one buys an iPhone, the memory storage is limited to the one specified by you at the time of purchase. Yes there are android phones that impose the same restriction but the number is marginal, and hence there are numerous alternatives, numbers of which lie in millions that are a lot more user-friendly. Memory expansions via micro-sd cards are easily executable on most of those android phones.

Following onto the same norms, android phones usually feature a removable battery, so if the one that comes along with the phone drains out, then they can be easily replaced with a brand new one, this helps in expanding the life of your valuable devices. The utility of these devices doesn’t end there, as many of the android phones feature infrared blasters and a diverse range of applications, you can use your phone as a remote controls for your other devices, like Laptops and televisions. The access to files is a typical drag-and-drop system in android, whereas in case of the iPhone, one would require multiple ancillary software to access the applications created by the individual on their own and the same filters down to the media, android is more than comfortable with the media that is made available from miscellaneous sources whereas in regards to the media that is to be made available on iPhone the strict restrictions are imposed as  to the origin of the media; iTunes for music and iPhoto for your pictures are a few examples.

Even in cases of emergency one might have to consider the longevity of a phones battery life, hence android dominates the sector by being accessible to all the micro-USB cables whereas if you want to charge your iPhone, you must have Apple’s proprietary “lightning” cable. If you want to share your android device with your family or co-workers, one can set multiple user accounts on the same device, limiting the information that each user can access, and as you would have deduced by the trend of this article by now, the same is not offered by the apple devices.

You would think that with all these inaccessible features iPhone might just be vigilant about its security but the fact is that iPhone can only be unlocked either by a pass code or fingerprint identification, whereas android features additional options such as patter and face unlocks. So it is not just the accessibility of the software but the compatibility of the same with its hardware component that helps android reign its dominance over such a wide range of Smartphone’s, in comparison to and as far as windows phones are concerned  their offerings don’t supersede either of them.

Author Bio:-

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for intellipaat.com a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training



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