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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Possibilities

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Possibilities

ispoz July 21, 2015

In no time, Smartphone would be faster than your current laptop, yes if you remember Samsung revealed the 14nm scale chipset that can boast the fastest processor available in the smartphone and this architecture is already present in the smartphone the Galaxy S6 Edge, released few months ago. And now you can imagine, what Samsung will come up in upcoming two months, as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 about to come.

As the mentioned, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, using the most advanced “brains” as it uses the most modern of currently existing mobile processors from Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa. It is based on four core performance Cortex-A57 with a frequency of 2.1 GHz and 4 additional Cortex-A53 with a lower frequency of 1.5 GHz (big.LITTLE). The processor created at 14-nanometer technology. The closest competitors are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, which has some problems with overheating and Nvidia Tegra K1. And next integrated solution in the Galaxy Note 5 is even powerful and this could be another reason that Samsung would be ahead to the Qualcomm solutions smartphone.

Samsung Exynos 7420 is responsible for the best performance in the Galaxy S6 Edge and in case of graphic; ARM Mali-T760 MP8 chip is boasting the performance. The frequency of each shader cluster reaches 772 MHz. Declared support for OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenCL 1.1 and DirectX 11. According to some tests, the built-in CPU chip bypasses performance Adreno 430 and PowerVR GX6450 (Apple A8). A high 2560 x 1440 resolution in games – that’s what the schedule to cope with a bang. However, there exists a few game which run at this resolution, may be Samsung would come with the native 4K resolution games in the Galaxy Note 5, or other game developer would promote their apps and games specially with the arrival of Galaxy Note 5.

Let’s back to the Galaxy S6 Edge, which is the example of beast performance. In addition to the fastest processor, it uses the fastest memory 3 GB LPDDR4-3104 (speed of up to 24.8 Gbit / s). The speed of the animation, the interface is maximized. Any menu graphics fly and it becomes clear that you are dealing with a well-oiled interface. The camera starts in less than a second and even takes pictures faster. In a 64-bit test AnTuTu Galaxy S6 Edge managed to score as many as 70,641 virtual points! So, it can handle anything that you can think to run in any smartphone. But do you need that much power? Is still a question? And now on another hand, Samsung is pulling power to the next level with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. And the question would repeat again, what you would do with that much processing power? I think, there should be at least a dock, in which phone would act like a laptop, then only we would able to enjoy that much power and resources.


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