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Achieving Efficiency through Quality Call Center Outsourcing Services

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Achieving Efficiency through Quality Call Center Outsourcing Services

ispoz September 29, 2015

There are several considerations organizations rely on to enhance their operability in the commercial sector. The most empirical of these considerations is the service provision offered to customers. Organizations that have adopted the practice of outsourcing have witnessed boundless growth and success in the commercial domain. Outsourcing is the practice of transferring certain business operations to an external vendor to provide better support and service provision. Several start-ups believe that achieving tasks in-house can yield more profit and is less consuming; however, studies conducted have revealed that outsourcing, as a call center practice, is in fact more effective than previously believed.

 Quality Call Center

Through outsourcing, organizations are able to save time and money that they can utilize and direct into executing other important business tasks. These tasks include production and manufacturing of goods, and identification of changes to be implemented in the business model to provide better support and achieve maximum levels of customer experience and satisfaction. Additionally, outsourcing also helps organizations with regard to risk-sharing. While the organization transfers certain operations to an external vendor, the accountability of these tasks is also shared between them. This allows the organization to focus more on core business activities, which thereby helps in enhancing an organization’s productivity and operability.

Call center outsourcing services can be generally classified as either inbound or outbound services. However, certain call centers provide a combination of these services to attract a larger customer base and, in turn, churn more revenue and profit. Inbound services are offered when customers call with their queries and concerns, and require appropriate support. These concerns can be regarding a product they have bought or a service that they have availed. Inbound sales, technical troubleshooting and helpdesk are some of the types of inbound services. The effectiveness of inbound services also depends on certain other facilities provided by call centers. The most empirical of these is a twenty four hour answering service provision. Through a round-the-clock flow of business activities, organizations can be assured that their customers are provided an uninterrupted stream of services; thereby effectively and significantly enhancing customer experience. Call centers that provide twenty four hour answering services also make use of backup systems, which are extremely important for call center offices that are based out of locations that experience potential business hampering occurrences, like power outages and severe snow storms that force lockdowns.

 Quality Call Center

Outbound services, on the contrary, are offered when call center agents and executives call customers to inform and update them about the launch or introduction of any new product and service in the market, or when the particular service or product has been upgraded to feature more facilities that will help cater better to the needs and requirements of the customers. Through outbound services, advertising and marketing of products is achievable. Some of the types of outbound services are appointment scheduling, telemarketing, market research and survey, and lead generation. Telemarketing helps remove the task of hiring sales personnel, which further benefits organizations in saving money that can be channeled into other business operations. Some of the services provided by outbound telemarketing companies include research surveys and polling, debt collection, production promotion, direct mail follow up services, and cross selling campaigns. Market research and survey allows organizations to gather feedback about the service provision being offered to customers. With this feedback, organizations can identify the changes that need to be implemented in the business model and structure.

The efficiency of call center outsourcing services is supplemented by additional attributes that help organizations earn a respectable name in the commercial and industrial sectors. Most empirical and pivotal of these is a workforce that is highly qualified and skilful. The agents and executives employed by a call center should be proficient in handling and tending to multiple customer calls with ease and effectiveness. Moreover, they should be knowledgeable and well informed about the products they are responsible for selling, in addition to being familiar about global trends; these factors help organizations cater better to the requirements of the customers without compromising on customer experience and satisfaction levels. Eloquence is a key and vital attribute that every call center agent and executive should have, as one would not want the customers to feel they are being serviced by a workforce that has not been trained properly. Maintaining politeness goes a long way in helping customers feel comfortable while conveying their complaints and concerns. It also helps in maintaining customer retention levels. Losing customers regularly due to an inexperienced workforce or substandard service provision can affect the generation of business revenue and profit, while also hampering the reputability of an organization.

Through an efficient service provision, a workforce that is adept in handling customer calls, and utilizing the latest technological tools, call centers can assist organizations pave the way for success and growth in the commercial and industrial sectors.


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