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Keeping Children Safe both Indoors and Outdoors

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Keeping Children Safe both Indoors and Outdoors

ispoz September 3, 2015

Each year, more than 2,200 children die from an injury in the United States and millions of children go to the emergency department because of injuries that happen in homes. These facts are enough to say that your home has a number of potential hazards for your child. Your child’s safety is your biggest concern. With these child safety rules, you can make sure that your child can explore their environment safely:


Emergency contact number: Always place a sticker with emergency contact number, name, and address near the phone.

Never leave alone: Never leave your child, especially toddler, alone in the bathroom, outdoors, or kitchen. Lock all windows to prevent the child from falling. Use safety gates at the stairways. Keep main entrance and exist gates always locked.

Safe place: Prepare a fire escape plan for your house. Make sure all stairs and railings are in good condition. Keep sharp objects, hot food and electronic appliances out of their reach. Children below 12 years of age must ride in the back seat of your car wearing seat belt.

Teach safety rules and attend training class: Teach you child the basic rules of playground equipment and safe bicycling. Contact your local healthcare training center to get child CPR course or first aid class.

These safety tips will help parents to ensure that their kids avoid the most serious injuries or accidents both indoors and outdoors.


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