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Bangalore – The Road Not Taken, Yet

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Bangalore – The Road Not Taken, Yet

ispoz October 14, 2015

Dubbed and christened with many names and titles, Bangalore is a powerbank of the country. This small, high-life city provides the adrenaline rush to the visitors, leaving them awestruck with every new location they visit. This article lightly highlights the experience in Bangalore one can look forward to, should they choose to visit.

Bangalore, a small city situated in the south part of India under the state of Karnataka, India, is definitely a place to visit for all. Bangalore is hands downs the only city in India where anyone goes and does have a good experience. There is something reserved for all ages and all types of people, ranging from the nerdy teenager to the outgoing, fun-loving person. The IT parks, amusement parks, large array of shopping complexes, nightlife, resorts and hotels in Bangalore are nothing but sheer joy and pleasure making it a one stop wonder.

The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore (now officially called ‘Bengaluru’), has been given the title of many names – Garden city of India, Silicon Valley of India, Electronic city of India and IT capital of India are some to name a few. Not only is it home to numerous multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple Inc., Wipro, etc., it is also a place of deep historic heritage and natural beauty, which again plays a perfect balance to the whole structure of the city not simply making it a complete concrete jungle. It is also a centre for some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country ranging from the top B-schools, medical schools, law schools, and colleges of engineering and arts and sciences.

Bengaluru does not experience extreme climate changes unlike the rest of India. The weather throughout the year is almost constantly pleasant, and in fact, chilly even in the peak summer season at the times when rains hit the city! The other benefit you reap from this is the liberty to wear anything you want in any climatic seasons. You may choose to wear a t-shirt and bear the chill or wear a coat and bear the extra warmth. The shopping scenario in Bangalore is also something you can look forward to as the city has some of the best and biggest shopping complexes in the whole of India like Phoenix City Mall, Mantri square mall, Orion mall, etc. and also some of the most biggest street-shopping markets. A trip to the Commercial Street or KR Market is all you need to stock up your accessories and light footwear sections. And the street adventure does not stop there. Come sundown, get on an auto or call a cab and go towards koramangala, 6th block, to experience the weirdest combinations, but surprisingly good tasting dosas. The whole stretch of the street is lined up in carts and that can become your sweet spot during your stay there. And if you fancy a beer or two or whatever floats your boat, Brigade Road and Indira Nagar are the places to be. WIth places serving good food and booze, these two locations are a favourite for Bangalorians to loosen up after a hard day’s job.

The beauty about Bengaluru is the way it manages to grow at such rapid pace to becoming one of the most popular IT cities over the world and still preserve the beauty of the city. The numerous parks and resorts in and around the busy city of Bangalore speak for itself. Each locality still has the homely feel and the sense of belonging which is hard to come by in many other metropolitan cities. Cabs, autos and buses are the means of local transport whilst there is an extremely busy international airport and a train line with multiple stations. With competitions all around, be it among other companies or airline companies themselves, cheap flight tickets are always up for grasp, although the booking to it has to be done much prior to your journey but then you already have a booked seat at a very good deal, so it should all be worth it.

So, if you plan to take a leave off and pack your bags to a location where all your desires would be fulfilled, Bangalore is definitely your best option of the lot.


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