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Beating the odds with quality healthcare products

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Beating the odds with quality healthcare products

ispoz October 1, 2015

There are so many researches carried out in the fields of science and healthcare. Earlier, there were so many diseases and illnesses that were termed untreatable and the patient had to no option but to lead a secluded life or a very short life. Now, with the change in the outlook the medical professionals have towards treatment methods and the equipments made available to them, more and more patients are breaking free of their bonds and leading lives with improved quality.

Many people are born with mental, physical or cognitive disorders that make them feel inferior or lesser than the other people. This feeling of mental failure makes treating them all the more difficult but thanks to occupational therapy equipments and skilled medical professionals, more and more patients are being treated so they can lead a fully to fairly normal life. Occupational therapy is one such treatment method that looks beyond the obvious medicinal treatments and delves into the minds and spirits of the patients.

quality healthcare products

Some of the equipments used in occupational therapy are:

  1. Goniometers – These are devices that are typically used to measure the angles of different things. The top quality meters used for treatment purposes are made of stainless steel and are used to measure the angles of the joints of the patient.
  2. Dynamometers – These devices are used to measure how much power of torque is produced by the movement of any object or person. Common examples of objects which use dynamometers are vehicle engines. In medical treatment, these are used to measure the force generation capability of the patient while performing exercises.
  3. Inclinometers – These are similar to goniometers but are used to measure the angle of tilt of a person or his/her body parts in respect of gravitational forces. A common body part on which inclinometers are used is the head of the patient.
  4. Therapy exercsise putty – Patients can be exercise their hands and fingers and can also improve their mental agility with the use of clay or putty to form different objects. These are mainly used for children as these are colourful and easy-to-use items that can be bought for treatments at home or in the medical centre.
  5. Sensory or vibrating brushes – In order to help a patient gain full sensory activities, especially in children, these brushes are used in occupational treatments. These help with the improvement in a child’s sense of touch, smell, hearing, etc.

With the help of these equipments, a medical professional can keep a track of the performance of a patient in a quantitative manner. It’s not just enough to see how well a person is speaking or walking, but it is necessary to measure the performance over a period o time to see if the improvement is taking place at the expected rate.

Occupational therapy can be provided in centres or at the homes of the patients, depending on the seriousness of their health issues.


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