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Fruits with Love and Cure

Health Review

Fruits with Love and Cure

ispoz November 5, 2015

One who loves to gift fruit baskets to their closed and loved ones should always remember that their basket of love must contain fruits that bring a smile in the face of the receiving one. Do not forget to arrange your fruit basket with fruits that are tasty and beneficial to human body.

Fruits with Love and Cure


Banana: Not for Minions only

After knowing the immense health benefits, one cannot ignore banana in their diet.

  • Banana helps in overcoming depression.
  • Protects against muscle cramps during workout.
  • Makes bones strong by protecting calcium loss.
  • It reduces PM symptoms and controls blood sugar.
  • Banana aids digestion and removes heavy toxins from human body.
  • Due to high fibre content, it helps in clearing bowel movement.

Natural Cures of Banana

  • Eating bananas can keep your eye strength good and prevents from kidney cancer.
  • It is a high antioxidant fruit that creates immediate energy in human body.
  • Eating a banana keeps body temperature low and is helpful in summer.
  • It is a natural mood enhancer.
  • Those who have high blood sugar level, having banana everyday can lead to a natural cure.
  • Banana peels gives instant relief from skin itching and irritation.
  • It prevents stomach ulcer by stopping the formation of corrosive acids.

Pineapple: Fruit with many benefits

  • A tropical fruit that adds more good to human body.
  • Low in calories, this fruit helps to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Regular consumption of this fruit helps in preventing arthritis.
  • A terrific source of Vitamin C as it maintains blood vessel integrity, skin quality and bone structure.
  • Pineapple is also a source of Vitamin A that maintains a good vision.

A Natures Call

  • A regular consumption of pineapple keeps a human body healthy and prevents it from many affective diseases.
  • It decreases the wrinkles of an ageing skin. This means, it acts as an anti ageing product. A natural cure to old skin!
  • Pineapple contains beta-carotene mineral, which prevents from developing a risk of asthma attack.
  • The high amount of potassium present here helps in maintaining the level of blood pressure.
  • This fruit contains Vitamin C, which combats the formation of free radicals which can cause cancer.
  • A good source of fibre leading to good digestion and no constipation.
  • Rich with anti oxidants it improves fertility.
  • Prevents inflammation caused due to sprain, muscle tear and strains.
  • It also helps to keep the human heart healthy. At the same time, it prevents one from developing ischemic heart.

These beneficial fruits have an endless list. From heart to kidney, from skin to cancer, banana and pineapple have every possible minerals and vitamins that can keep a human body healthy and fit. If one is thinking of gifting a fruit basket UK, it must contain these two fruits. Gifts are given to the loved ones wishing them health and prosperity. These two beneficial fruits are the ultimate key to good health. By gifting these to your near and dear ones, one can show the actual gesture of wishing a healthy life to the close ones.



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