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Say Cheers to Chennai

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Say Cheers to Chennai

ispoz November 10, 2015

The capital of South India is an attractive tourist spot. What to look there? Keep an eye below. If you miss these places, then you will regret. In fact, when you are travelling, there is no point of relaxing in the hotel. If you do not take a walk round the city, you will miss the authentic essence of here. So do not skip the opportunity.

Marina Beach: India’s largest beach, Marina extends right from Fort St George till Besant Nagar. It is one of the unsurpassed places to visit in Chennai where you can see a spectacular sunrise and a delightful sunset. An old light house is situated at the beach’s southern end. The other attractions here are large fish aquariums and swimming pool.

Eliot’s Beach: It is also known as Besant Nagar beach. Those who loves less crowded beach, this the perfect place for them. On the south side of the beach, there is Velanganni Church and Astha Lakshmi Temple.

Covelong Beach: It is located almost 50 km away from Chennai. The serene beauty viewed here is absolute bliss. This beach is famous for the water sport activities like wind surfing and paragliding.

Fort St George: The historical fort that built during the British rule which has a lot of stories to tell. The paintings, coins, arms and porcelain structures are a delight for those who love to know about history.

San Thome Church: San Thome Church stands on the St Thomas tomb. It shows the colonial past of history. The stained glass window and the structure of St Thomas sitting in the church is a beautiful spectacle. It also has a museum and library.

Parthasarathi Temple: This is the oldest temple of the city. Devoted to Lord Krishna, this one is famous for splendid and colorful Gopuram and other shrines.

Kapaleshwar Temple: The unique architecture of this temple draws most of the attention from the visitors. The idol is 40 meter high and is a brilliant example of Dravidian architecture. Shiva and Karpamgai deities are situated here.

Thousand Lights Mosque: The architectural magnificence of this mosque is a delight to watch. Total of thousand lamps are lighted in the mosque’s hall. The multi domes along with twin minarets encircle the main hall for the prayer. Women offer their prayers in a separate hall.

Connemara Public Library: It is a late 19th century construction, and a treasure house of old publications. It has a collection of more than 600,000 books. One of the Asia’s largest library, it is a perfect place for the ardent readers and book lovers.

Semmozhi Poonga: It is a botanical garden covering almost 20 acres area. A beautiful visual of exotic and rare flowers! Medicinal herbs are also grown here and taken care of. This place also has a rock garden and a pool.

Crocodile Bank: It is an initiative to protect and preserve the reptiles. The house of sea turtles, snakes, alligators, and water birds, the ghariyals are the most common in this bank.

Muttukadu: The back water area of the Bay of Bengal. It is an hour drive from Chennai and a beautiful sight. One can indulge into water sports in this area. One can also take a boat ride here. This place also has a boat house. During winter, one can see a number of migratory birds here.

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