Cakes with a touch of fun!

The days of traditional round or box-shaped cakes are long gone. Now-a-days, the trend is to customize your cake as much as possible for several reasons:

  • You only pay for those ingredients and trimmings that you want and not something you’ve been dumped with.
  • You can add your personally favourite ingredients and make it more delicious.
  • If a cake delivery you have in mind as a gift, then the extra thoughts and efforts you’ve put into getting the cake baked just make it all the more appealing and delicious to the recipient.
  • They look different from the mundane ones.
  • You can be reasonably sure that no one else can be enjoying a like this anywhere else!

Customised cakes range from the simple to the naughty. If you are one, who doesn’t let the kid inside you fade out, or your gift is to such a person, or the cake is for a superhero loving child, then you definitely should try out the range of cakes inspired by comic characters that are easily available in many places. Don’t think that others haven’t already got them done! Here are some of the popular ones made:

  1. Groomed by Spider-Man – Spiderman is known for his dual lives – one of a simple delivery boy or photographer, and the other as the web-swinging hero. So, a cake which features a tuxedo with the centre sporting Spider-Man’s jacket, complete with a little silver rose on the label and surrounded by strawberries in the base, has been enormously successful.
  2. Young super-heroes – Children especially like seeing their superheroes as if they were as old and naughty as them. So, popular figures like Ben 10 and Spider-Man, in their younger days, have been featured on fancy cakes.
  3. Gotham’s Batman – A list of anything related to superheroes would be incomplete if it did not make reference to Batman – the ultimate and tragic hero, who is loved by almost everyone all over the world. Cake delivery in UK has been made even more fun with the addition of Gotham-like cakes with their favourite man showing standing tall on it, ever vigilant and heroic.
  4. Wonder Woman Cakes – Who said that superheroes are only for young boys or for men? Women too have their share of favourite personalities, such as Cat Woman, female Game of throne characters, and of course, the legendary Wonder Woman with her whip and thick, golden wrist bands. Cakes of red and blue with a figure of Wonder Woman standing atop it would be a wonderful gift for those, who adore this amazing super-heroine!
  5. Hulk – A hero who became one against his own wish, who has unparalleled strength and who loves his intelligent girlfriend with all his human and super hero heart – who wouldn’t like to see a cake of this fantastic guy?! Hulk is a popular comic character made even more famous by the successful movies that include him.

Depending on the country you are in, the list of favourite superheroes would, of course, vary. But these are just some examples that you can take inspiration from and get creative!

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