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Recruiting? Learn the Significance of Background Screening

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Recruiting? Learn the Significance of Background Screening

ispoz April 14, 2016

Ever heard of a quote “All that glitters isn’t gold”, it portrays that in the real world external appearances can be appealing but they do not indicate the reliability of something or someone. This quotation is one of the best examples to elaborate the importance and value of background checking of people before hiring them. If the organization desires to hire the finest candidate than a background screening is mandatory. Physical appearances can be deceiving hence a background check run is something really needed to be certain while recruiting.

Reveal the Veracity with Background Checks

Candidates have urge to stand out of the crowd and appear more tempting to the recruiters in today’s fast paced and highly competitive job market. To do so, they exaggerate or skin precise phases of their past life. Certainly, most of the recruiters are well-trained and they can recognize the hidden aspects but at some points some features remain concealed until a background screening is executed. Background check must involve following basics:

  • All educational credentials plus work history must be verified before taking interviews.
  • A drug test must be performed by a third-party prior a final job offer is made.
  • Criminal records should be examined which must embrace the desired level of clearance (government vs civilian)

What’s the prominence of Background Check?

Auspiciously, HR professional and recruiters have access to the diverse types of background checks and criminal record screening. Nowadays employers owe the legal rights to acquire the details of the job applicants with whom they are about to start a legal relationship after final recruitment. Moreover they also have the right to assure a prospective new recruit doesn’t have a lurking history which may harm the organization’s image in future or he can negatively impact the other employees or clients.

As per the latest figures by The Department Bureau of Justice Statistics Workplace Violence, 1993-2009, in a single year, almost 572000 non-fatal crimes were reported in American Workplace. These figures are over-whelming while considering the victims of the frauds whose attackers were other employees or colleagues. Still, in majority of cases, those violence cases would have been barred only if a background check would have conducted. As background screening would have helped the victims identify the possible threat even before it occurs.

A Few More Reasons to Run a Background Check while Recruiting

Background checks must always be a part of a recruitment campaign but why is it so? Here are some additional reasons.

Background screening helps you choose the best right fit for the job every time you execute the check. The constant usage of background check leads you to mitigate future risks and problems that may arise due to negligent hiring. Being a recruiter, it’s really important to assure that the applicant encompasses the complete requirements of each assignment and the candidate will be a good ROI (return on investment) for the client.

But why is it so crucial, from a recruitment perspective? Firstly, it will ensure the credibility of the applicant by assessing all of his credentials and experiences which are listed in his resume. Plus you will be able to confidently promote your candidate in front of the HR as you will sure that he is the one who he is representing.

How Recruiters Conduct Background Checks?

There are number of ways in which recruiters conduct background checks. You can install a background screening software which will examine the history and educational authentication which will boost up your recruitment process and outsource the criminal and drug screening process to the third-party. In this manner you will save lots of your time. Sometimes, the talent management software also seeks permission from the candidate in an appropriate legalized manner to examine his credentials. Meanwhile you can elaborate that if the applicant desires a successful passing and employment he has to submit his drug test and criminal background check on his own cost.

Executing a background screening is not just an alternative in the recruitment process though it has become one of the crucial parts to be performed by an accountable recruiter while recruiting. Those who wish for not just better but the best employees must conduct a background check.






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