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Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

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Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

ispoz June 22, 2016

Since there is no cure for death, enjoying the time that you are given should already be one of your priorities. Some people spend a significant portion of their lives searching for the fountain of youth, from taking a variety of dietary supplements to using hair dyes, there are a variety of anti-aging techniques that are commonly used to prolong a youthful appearance and promote longevity. Although life expectancy may have increased over the past several decades; inevitably, the human body always succumbs to aging. For instance, men can start suffering from low testosterone (low T) levels as early as age 30.

So, what are some of the warning signs indicative of low testosterone levels?

1. Diminished Libido is a sign of possible low T levels

One of the most common signs of low T in middle aged men is a diminished libido, since testosterone is the primary male sex hormone responsible for reproductive development. Indeed, testosterone has a major influence upon male sex organs and dictates sperm production, prostate growth and erectile function. If you’ve experienced any significant changes related to your libido, then it could be due to low testosterone; and you could be a candidate for testosterone therapy.

2. Loss of muscle tissue may be a sign of low testosterone levels

Another possible indicator of low T includes loss of muscle tissue. This can affect your strength and endurance levels too. If you are struggling to build and maintain muscle for the first time in your life, then this could also be a sign of low T.

3. Moodiness may indicate low testosterone in aging men

Even though a variety of variables can contribute to mental disorders including depression, brain chemistry involving neurotransmitters are known to affect mood stability. Since testosterone promotes the release of those chemicals in the brain, low T can contribute to depression by inhibiting the transportation and absorption of serotonin in the brain. So, middle aged men plagued by symptoms of depression including decreased motivation, self-confidence and overall sadness are encouraged to consult their physicians to determine if these signs are related to low testosterone.

4. Sleep changes may be an indication of low T levels

Are you experiencing any changes to your sleep pattern? According to the Mayo Clinic, sleep disturbances and insomnia can also be caused by low T. In addition to loss of muscle tissue, some other physical body changes are often attributed to low testosterone including swollen breasts, more body fat and decreased bone density.

5. Low T levels and diabetes may be linked

Can low testosterone actually lead to diabetes? Although recent studies indicate a link between these two conditions, low T can be used to help predict the probability of males developing diabetes.

Men concerned with any of the symptoms related to low T should consult their physicians regarding the possible benefits of testosterone therapy. According to Action Men’s Health, “it has been clinically proven that testosterone therapy is beneficial for cardiovascular health and a healthy heart, enhancing the immune system, lowering insulin sensitivity, increasing bone density, and overall prevention of disease.”


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