Rudraksha – the key to your prosperity

Everything about rudrakshas has always been mystic and this amazing bead is said to be beneficial in improving almost all the aspects of life. You all must have seen rudrakshas on someone or the other and may have wondered about it. These are generally used by saints and sages and have been in use since the Vedic age. Even in the Puranas and the Upanishads they have been mentioned as very powerful bead. The benefits of this are far reaching and its use in Hindu religion is from the ancient time.

The rudraksha bead is got from the rudraksha tree whose scientific name is Elaeocarpus ganitrus. In India these trees grow in the Himalayan regions and is very is the seeds are obtained from the fruits of these trees. They have been said to emanate from the tears of the great Lord Shiva and that is why the spiritualists used them for getting self empowerment and leading a fear free life. They look like blue berries and are pluck carefully and soaked in water for a couple of days thus softening the outer pulp of the fruit. Then this is peeled off. This bead is then used as beads in malas. You can get nowadays do rudraksha online shopping and get best options available in attractive prices too.


The malas made from the rudraksha contains a maximum of 108 beads in it. The beads are generally advised to be strung into silk or cotton string. With the 108 beads in a string another bead is made sure to be added because otherwise there would be an imbalance in the energy which will cause problem. The rudrakshas have faces which are only noticeable when looked at very carefully. They are the clefts which run along the surface of the bead right from the top to the bottom. The number of faces in a rudraksha varies and accordingly it is named. The rudraksha tree may bear different types of these seeds in one tree itself but the most commonly found type is the five faced rudraksha.

The different types of rudraksha found are as follows.

  • One face rudraksha
  • Two face rudraksha
  • Three face rudraksha
  • Four face rudraksha
  • Five face rudraksha
  • Six face rudraksha
  • Seven face rudraksha
  • Eight face rudraksha
  • Nine face rudraksha
  • Ten face rudraksha
  • Eleven face rudraksha
  • Twelve face rudraksha
  • Thirteen face rudraksha
  • Fourteen face rudraksha
  • Gauri- Shankar rudraksha

All these above mentioned rudrakshas have different specialities but in general the benefits of the rudraksha are as follows.

  • They keep the body at peace when you have had a change in place. You all must have had this problem while adjusting in a new place where you don’t feel yourself at ease.
  • They keep away the negativity by creating a positive cocoon around you.
  • They help in keeping the blood pressure proper as they have an electromagnetic property.

So I would surely suggest you to go for a rudraksha online purchase but do consult your astrologer and see how it brings prosperity in your life.

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