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The Joy Ride from Kalka to Shimla: An Ethereal Experience

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The Joy Ride from Kalka to Shimla: An Ethereal Experience

ispoz September 2, 2016

The Kalka-Shimla rail course, which has been in presence now for a century, offers the appeal of old-world amidst towering pines and rich green, majestic mountains. This is one of the four restricted line rail courses on a sloping region in the nation. Flanked by salubrious green hills on both sides, the rail line, looking like two strings of silver, adheres to the tricky curves and ventures strikingly over bridges, tunnels, sleek mountain bends, and little streams that shine in the daylight.

In general, when you are going to Shimla from Delhi, you’d either take an immediate Delhi to Shimla train, or if driving, then you’d practically consider the new Himalayan Express thruway and zoom past some key and vital intricacies of the voyage. One such viewpoint is the little city of Kalka that really denote the start of the charming hill climb, up to Shimla. All things considered, we’d recommend you to take a Delhi to Kalka train, and from that point, take the world celebrated Kalka-Shimla train, broadly known as the Toy Train instead of Kalka to Shimla taxi. If you haven’t traveled in the toy train, then we’d rate your insight and encounters about Shimla or its incorporating destinations a 5 on 10! Yes, it’s deficient. Now, enjoy a crisp and fascinating knowledge about this train’s journey, and in addition, the trip it takes you through.

The Beginning

This mind boggling rail journey saw the voyages of the who’s-who of India, including British Viceroys, Indian Dignitaries and Indian Children who were sent to the boarding schools of Shimla. Initiated in 1903 and now 109 years old, this line experiences bends through a thick belt of towering pine trees and delicious green mountains. Initially built to transport the Indian Viceroy and his officers with British troops, because of this very line, Shimla transformed into the Summer Capital of India, and till today is the favourite holiday spot of Delhiites and inhabitants of Punjab. This was the primary medium open for a speedier development, else around then, the general population required bullock-trucks to travel, which mostly took 5-6 days to travel between Kalka and Shimla.

The Journey

The toy train chugs along the line, shrieking its way through the deodar, pine, ficus, oak and maple woods at a slow speed of 22 km per hour. As the genuine trip starts, one is shocked see the variation in vegetation, and the amazing wonderfulness of the railway stations and Gothic-style bridgeways enroute. The most empowering part of the trek is the experience of sitting by the window, taking in the cool and crisp breeze, and soaking in the surreal views of the greenery, smell of fresh dew on the greenery around, the twittering of mountain birds and viewing the dairy cattle eat around the track, only if you are going in one of the two early morning toy trains.

Do not Miss…

The Kalka-Shimla Rail line is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites under Mountain Railways of India. After the incorporation of this line in the UNESCO Heritage List, a few points of reference and milestones were installed close to the major tunnels and bridges with the certain bits of knowledge about them. By far most of the stations in transit were worked alongside the line, so they in like manner are more than 109 years old. These pretty stations too were built in a Gothic style, and are worth observing for their intricate detailings.

Who’d want to book taxi online from Kalka and take the same route up to Shimla when you can take the joyous way up in the toy train! This time, try it out and share your experience with us, with your friends, etc. The whole affair is just surreal!


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