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Job Shift and the Problem Solving

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Job Shift and the Problem Solving

ispoz October 13, 2016

Sudhir has been a resident of Jalalpur of Patna since his childhood and his workplace was in Jalalpuronly. 2 years after his marriage, when he had already bought a flat in the Jalalpur, his office had informed him that his posting was changed to Kankarbagh. This was a real problem for Sudhir. He was not ready to move at the time, but his job was compelling him to do so.

Initially he was worried. But then he decided to go there alone. But his wife said that she would go too. There came the problem. In his newly bought flat, they had bought so many new things and now they were not ready to leave them behind. Therefore, using the packers and movers Patna was essential for them. They had no way to take the entire furniture and daily items to Kankarbagh, where they were supposed to be posted for the next few years.

Choosing the Packers and Movers Patna services was hectic too. The husband and the wife did not want to spend unnecessary money by choosing a wrong service. Most importantly, they wanted a packers and movers company that would keep a proper care of their goods.They have contacted 5 to 6 companies offering such services, but they did not seem to be trusting.

When they were deeply concerned about the shifting of the goods, then one of the colleagues of Sudhir, Rajesh, informed him of the APM India Relocation Pvt Ltd. He mentioned that he has also taken the service of this Packers and Movers Patna service and was greatly satisfied because of it. After coming from the office Sudhir informed this to his wife. The next day, she called them. They warmly greeted her and after getting the idea of their requirement, fixed a meeting with them on the same day.

That day afternoon the representative came to their house with the husband and wife both present. They gave the details of their requirements and also mentioned to him that they have a very small time left for the shifting. Therefore, the shifting will have to take place quite fast. The representative smiled and assured that that things will be done just as they wish to be and wanted to know the date. Then he quoted the price and both the parties settled on it.

Just a day prior to the shifting, APM India Relocation Pvt Ltd sent a team to Sudhir’s house to inspect the items to be shifted. They did so and on the day of relocation they came with the proper sized trucks. With utmost care the goods were pulled up into the truck and by the next 24 hours they were properly shifted from Jalalpur to Kankarbagh, in the flat which Sudhir rented for the time. Sudhir and his wife also headed for the place at the same time, and found the goods in their new house, arranged, just the way they wished to be. They thanked APM crews as they found that the goods were in the perfect condition.


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