Visit the Combination- Bhagton Ki Choti Haveli & Morarka Haveli

Rajasthan always lures people with the colour and richness it has and every city and town has a colourful amalgamation that everyone should witness ones in his or her lifetime. But, as the sand state is quite big in itself, deciding what to visit becomes the toughest task. Therefore, this article shall guide you about the state and its richness, where the story begins from Nawalgarh, the princely state of Havelis and forts.

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Havelis are the biggest attraction of the place

As told that Nawalgarh has a lot of places including the Havelis and forts to garner the area, there are two of the best architecture, Bhagton Ki Choti Haveli and Morarka Haveli. These two are the beautiful creations of history that are located in Jhunjhunu area. So, if you are planning your trip for the area, make sure you start your journey from these two.

  • BhagtonkiChoti Haveli: Bhagtonki Choti Haveli Nawalgarhis one of the most well-known havelis situated in the town. As it belongs to Bhagats of the city, the haveli is called so after their name. Since 19th century, it has remained their residence and has seen many traders flourishing in its veranda.
  • Morarka Haveli: Despite it is a Haveli, it now has been converted into a well-presented museum with frescos and arts saved from the back days. It has stunning looks and a chirpy ambience, as it is located amidst the Naya Bazar of Nawalgarh. Also, as it is located in the Bazaar, tourist hardly find it tough to locate them.

Portrayal of the art and Fresco

The BhagtonkiChoti Haveli and Morarka Haveli, both portray some of the flawless frescos, divider, and cement roof works. And the motifs used here are mainly taken from the nearby legends and scenes from Hindu mythology. In fact, thesubtle elements that are engraved have beautiful war scenes, chasing scenes, etc. Not only has this but these havelis have grand entrance, monstrous doors, and overwhelming hues that are brilliant, blue, indigo, green, maroon that will set your eyes on fire.

So, everything is epic and are a masterpiece of artisans dating back. And therefore, visiting these Havelis will be a great treat for eyes and brain as well.

Best time to visit the place

The city is always lively and tourists are always there to take a bit of it. so, no day, week, month, or year could encapsulate the best time to visit Nawalgarh, but make sure that you visit the city when there is minimum heat, like the winters and before May.

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It is sure that, you are going to love the place most. Whether it is a treat to eyes or a knowledge dopamine to brain, you will get everything here.

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