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Tasty recipe of basmati rice pulao in Indian style

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Tasty recipe of basmati rice pulao in Indian style

atul December 1, 2016

The next time you have guests in your house do make some nice basmati rice. Check out this recipe which will make them praise you all the time. Basmati is good for health and this recipe will earn you fame as a tasty food maker as well. Now, you can cook five-star quality healthy as well tasty basmati within the comforts of your own kitchen. You can prepare this recipe when friends and family will be visiting. You can even cook this recipe when there is some event in your home and even for your house parties. Your guests will surely be blown away by having basmati in their main course. As basmati is low in fat you can cook it for your health-conscious friends and family members. Even the pickiest of eater will not be able to say no when the host will serve them some finely made basmati.

For this nice Indian basmati rice recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

2 cups of basmati rice washed properly in water, Water (according to your need), salt (for taste), Sugar (for taste), three to four red chilies, Rose essence (pour only few drops for getting the aroma), 4 Tablespoons of clarified butter, cashews and raisins soaked in water(the amount should be according to the plate you will be serving), a pinch of saffron which must be soaked in heated milk or water for minimum of ten to fifteen minutes, 3 bay leaves, one and a half teaspoon of nutmeg powder and half teaspoon of garam masala powder.


Buy Indian basmati rice and soak it in cold water for twenty to thirty minutes. After draining the water, heat ghee (clarified butter) in a pan. Some people avoid ghee for its fat content, but studies show that ghee doesn’t contain harmful fats, instead it actually has many benefits. Then, add the bay leaves into the heated ghee. After that add the red chilies. Make sure your chimney is switched on this whole time as heating the leaves and the chilies in ghee will produce a lot of smoke. Add the soaked rice and cook for few minutes in a medium flame. Then, add the other ingredients i.e., the nutmeg powder, garam masala powder, cashews and raisins and the required amount of water for boiling. Then, add salt and water according to taste. Cook the whole thing until the water is no longer present. You can be sure, then that the spices are being absorbed by the rice fully. After your cooking is done, sprinkle the rose essence on the dish. Now, you can serve this special basmati pulao dish to your friends and family.

This wonderful pulao dish will surely blow away the mind of anyone who will taste it. The smell of the rose essence, saffron and the rich taste of the basmati, ghee, and the dry fruits along with the subtle under-taste of the spices makes one remember the rich Mughal cuisine style food. This is surely a dish meant for the royals. So, the next time guests are coming give them a royal treatment in the form of this dish.



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