Big data and analytics has become a trending practice today and every company is on the lookout to embrace big data technologies. The whole world has become excited about the new topics under the banner of big data and analytics such as predictive analysis, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning, among others.

In today’s scenario as more companies leap in to adopt big data technologies and solutions, a number of organizations are still giving it a second thought. In order to eliminate errors and increase operating margins, every industry has started leveraging the technology. Big data technologies and the associated models are busy transforming the way businesses work while attracting IT leaders to realize its value, growth and potential.

There’s no denying that advanced analytics models like predictive analysis can monitor user’s patterns and analyze the overall growth of any firm. In addition to this, there are myriad ways about how big data and analytics are helping companies today. Some of them include-

• Valuable, smart and powerful insights- Capability of advanced analytics tools to extract valuable insights undoubtedly enable operational departments and all the functional modules of the company to work smartly while taking better decisions at the same time. Precise insights lead to comprehensive analysis of optimizing operations, customer engagement and better ROI.

• Effective capitalization of new revenue sources- Forward looking companies and leading businesses can eliminate the loopholes while capitalizing in new revenue sources. In order to achieve desired results, companies need to adopt new approach to advanced tools, business architecture, networking and infrastructure and managerial practices.

• Better decision-making- Big data technologies when work in tandem with predictive analysis can help data scientists and business leaders to identify the precise causes of failure. By tracking the defects in near-real time, companies can make better decisions. It encourages companies to elevate and swing to even higher level of productivity and excellence.

• Creating value for the organization- The demand for big data and analytics models is skyrocketing. At the same time, companies are looking for certified professionals in order to unlock the maximum potential of analytics tool and also take the company to the next level.

Other than these, there are myriad benefits to enhance the culture of the company by leaps and bounds. Models of predictive analysis can help companies anticipate new opportunities and business strategies to make informed decisions. With the model of predictive analysis, historical sets of data are monitored, analyzed and mined for numerous patterns indicative of the future behaviors and situations.

The market for advanced tools and techniques in the analytics market has evolved over time. Tools and models available today vary in maturity levels and also ease of use. A number of companies offer solutions and data analytics products including IBM, SAS and Oracle, among many others.

While big players in the market have already embraced ‘Digital Oil of 21st century’, smaller companies are still finding it hard to go through transformation process. In order to achieve the desired business results, it has now become imperative for the organizations to integrate analytics models and technologies into their business models- to increase both productivity levels and revenue.