Celebrate this Valentine’s with unique gifts for your partner

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and everyone is excited about the celebration. Though one does not need an occasion for expression of love, special days do make the celebration all the more exciting. Also most of the times Valentine’s Day is associated with Romantic love and couples but as a matter of fact you can celebrate valentine’s day with anyone whom you love. It can be your Mother, Father, siblings, friends or even grandparents.

While planning for a celebration, gift is a quintessential part and one starts planning for choosing the right gift months before the occasion. Gift shops are flooded with variety of options to make your valentine’s day special but you can definitely opt for a bespoke or handmade gift. After all, it shows how much care about your loved ones and your readiness to go an extra mile for them.

Here are few exciting gifts that will make your Valentine’s celebration special:

  • Chocolate by post is a beautiful option and boxes can be picked from any of the gift shops. You can also get a customised chocolate box made at any confectionary or cake shop with a hand written note in it.
  • Cakes are yet other pre-requisites of any celebration and one of the perfect gifts to celebrate the day of love. You can either pick the readymade cake or get a customised cake made for your loved one. This also gives you a chance to innovate a lot with the theme cake.
  • Soft toys like teddy bears or Heart shaped cushions are one of the amazing gifts on Valentine’s Day.
  • Cards are very simple but make for an emotional gift if added with a hand written note or letter expressing your feelings. This will not only touch their heart but they will also cherish it forever.
  • Pendant and bracelets are yet other gifting option which makes for a perfect valentine. You can gift them to girl or boy both.
  • A couple spa/saloon sessions is a unique and great idea to spend the day of love together. Nothing beats the pleasure of a rejuvenating spa session and the idea of getting it with your partner doubles the excitement.
  • A dinner date with your partner is conventional yet perfect way to spend your Valentine’s eve. The idea of spending some quality time with your partner along with candle light and soothing music is impeccable.
  • You can also buy an expensive watch for your partner on this Valentine ’s Day. Watches are a daily essential and this can be a great gifting idea for your partner.
  • If you wish to push the envelope more you can also surprise your partner by getting a tattoo of their name or initials. This would show your commitment to your partner as tattoos are forever.

If you and your partner are separated by distance, you can send them chocolate gifts by post along with a bouquet or other gifts of your choice. This will be a memorable gesture for your partner.


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