Role of HRM

The Perceived Role of HRM in Creating a Successful Organization

The human resource management system is one of the most valuable & essential assets for any organization. Having an effective human resource management system bolsters the corporate bodies. In order to face new challenges, evolving trends & technologies every organization needs a powerful & effective human resource management (HRM).

Role of HRM

Objectives of HRM:

  • HRM makes sure that the human resources are utilized effectively. It helps to utilize the human & other resources to ensure success. Companies who are focusing on utilizing their resources initiates the chief of human resources to execute objectives & policies.
  • Maintaining the organizational structure accurately is one of the essential tasks of the HRM. The system provides necessary information timely so that the each employee is assigned the appropriate responsibilities & duties. This helps in keeping the work culture harmonious.
  • HRM is responsible for providing a respectful environment for all the employees. Developing a harmonious & better working relations between employees & the managers is the motto of HRM.
  • The chief of human resource helps in maintaining a good harmony by bridging the gap between an individual goal & organizational goal. This enhances the performance of the employee & utilizes the human resources effectively.
  • Providing job satisfaction is one of the essential needs of any employee. The chief of human resources takes good care of this by providing a series of facilities & opportunities to employees to enhance job satisfaction.
  • HRM promotes employee discipline & morale by providing performance-based incentives. Creating a friendly work environment is one of the basic agenda of any organizational objective.
  • Enhancing the organizational goals & objectives is one of the important focuses of the HRM. As a result, higher production & effective utilization is achieved.

Salient Features of HRM:

  • In order to survive in today‚Äôs cut-throat competition & ever-evolving environment, HRM offers practical approaches & solutions. It helps in managing various types of workforce, thus it is defined as the management of human resource.
  • HRM is an innovative function which offers the employees updated knowledge to work in a fast pace environment.
  • As a strategic approach, HRM helps in organizational development, as well as in managing human resources in the organization.
  • HRM is futuristic because it helps in planning future goals & vision for the organization.


Although the concept of HRM has been debated but it certainly plays a vital role in creating organization. At the present time, HRM is considered to be the backbone of the organization. As a very fast growing concept, HRM has numerous benefits to ensure productivity in the organization. A great human resource management system is very much essential if the organization want to persuade & retain the best employees.