public speaking

Speaking in public

Do you guys have a fear of public speaking?

When we say public speaking that means we have to speak for the public and among the people. So you just get scared whether I will be successful and conveying right thing in a right manner, and this feeling increases your anxiety level higher.70% of the population with a fear of speaking in public. There will be few people around you who may criticize you. So don’t make assumptions in your mind that everybody in the public has to approve you.

What Scares You?

Think about it that what scares you when will you come into a public speaking?

  • Are you scared that I am not able to finish my presentation on time
  • I’ll forget all the content during presentation
  • I’ll pronounce the wrong words or I’ll create wrong sentence.
  • Audience is going to hate me whether I perform badly.

So it is very important that once you able to find out the real problem, then you work on a right direction when you are preparing yourself for the presentation. So we have to find out that that what is actually scaring you for the right preparation.

Know these things before going to a public speaking?

Public speaking or presentation is the bridge in between future success. If you succeed to represent a powerful speech in front   public and convey your message to the audience with full of confidence, so you may get a new job or a promotion or if you’re a student so you get full marks in your presentation. If you fail and could not give your presentation with the confidence so maybe you lost the opportunity. Miserably, most of the professionals and experiencepeople of industries don’t know how to effectively prepare a presentation.

Know your audience:

Don’t assume that you know the answer. This question is very important because if you’re present for your co works or if you presented in front of your classmates and on the other hand if you present in a big seminar, each situation would require a different approach. Understand and do some research that what type of people you’re going to face in your presentation, otherwise you make a presentation for the wrong crowed.

  • If you present in front of your colleagues, choose the topic which is work oriented.
  • If you present in front of students, choose the topic which is future oriented.

Search Good Material:

Material places an important role in the success of every presentation. Without good material your presentation is going to be flop. You have a good and authentic material inyour hand to present. You have to invest many hours researching, writing and brainstorming if you plan to create a presentation that your audience will appreciate.


As you all know that practice makes a man perfect, the more you practice your presentation you will succeed in front of large crowed. In public speaking practice takes a very important role. Practicing your presentation will eliminate all the flaws of your presentation, and also reduce the nervousness.

  • You can practice in front of your family.
  • You can practice in front of mirror.
  • You can practice in front of any friend who told you the mistakes also.


Maintain positive, pleasant expressions on your face when you will start your presentation. Smile actually relaxes your body. Research says that a smile conveys confidence and self assurance. It shows your audiences that you’re happy to see them and you’re very passionate about your presentation.

Don’t Read Your Speech:

Reading your speech makes a very bad impact on your audiences. Theaudience always prefers to hear what you’re saying rather than listening what you’re reading. If you have feared that you forgot the content so you can write short points on a paper that will help you in your presentation. Always remember to look at your audience’s friendly that will connect you with the audiences.

Good Sense of Humor:

If you have a good sense of humor, your audience will find the presentation more interesting and worth watching. A good sense of humor is a part of great leadership. There will be no yawn from your audiences if you’re presentation is interesting enough. Try to win your audience believe and make them feel comfortable.

Body Language:

The way you walk, stand and move your hand also determines your success. Your body language, your eyes, your energy will come through to your audience before you even start speaking. Don’t move too much when you’re giving a presentation. Make a good eye contact relationship with your audience.


All presentations have three basic purposes, inform, entertain and convince the audience. Getting the right balance between these three aims depends on the purpose of your speech or presentation. You have to know that what you are trying to achieve before you start.