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Top 6 amazing health benefits of artichokes

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Top 6 amazing health benefits of artichokes

ispoz March 12, 2017

Artichoke whose different name in natural is cardoon, are a versatile plant, though it is occasionally considered as a vegetable, it is actually an exceptional type of thistle. As for nutritional aims, it is mainly consumed thanks to its incredible health benefits of stopping various forms of cancer, boosting immune system, reducing cholesterol and keeping those diseases like heart attack, stroke and diabetes away. Artichoke is also famous for its detoxifying properties and improving liver’s health. Moreover, artichoke is also well known for its effective supporting in digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion. In addition, this amazing little thistle can lower blood pressure, regulating urination as well as removing hangovers.

Artichoke with scientific name is Cynara cardunculus, is in fact originated from Mediterranean region, which explains the reasons why artichoke play a significant role in their cuisine. This miraculous plant can be found in Europe, Middle East and America.

Here are several health benefits that you may want to take a look:

1. Metabolic Functions

Metabolic processes in our body need abundant manganese and magnesium to execute properly. These two minerals can be found galore in artichokes. Magnesium plays as an important role in protein synthesis and optimizing the absorption of calcium by the body while manganese can impact greatly the metabolic rates of amino acids, carbohydrates and cholesterol.

2. Hangover Cure

As declared before, artichoke can be an amazing solution for the liver and it is able to lower the blockage and cut down the amount of poison in the blood by removing them immediately out of the body. Thus, artichoke executes as a perfect hangover treatment. Some people might take some fresh artichoke leaves and chew it orally after a heavy drinking night.

3. Bone Health

Artichokes can be ranked the highest vitamin and minerals containing food in the market, especially those minerals such as phosphorous, manganese and magnesium. Since these metals are crucial components of raising bone density and overall bone health, thus it can reduce the likelihood of getting osteoporosis.

4. Birth Defects

It might seem a bit weird when we mention about birth defects here yet, everything is going on their right way. Artichoke is incredibly helpful when it is consumed by pregnant women since it is able to provide a high amount of folic acids which subsequently will keep neural tube defects away from occupy the mother. Therefore, ensure that you consume some of artichoke in order to be healthy and provide sufficient nutrients for your baby as well.

5. Liver Health

Artichoke were utilized as old liver tonics for a long time, however, the precise mechanism of its influences were never completely understood till modern times comes when the scientists can do proper research on this plant. There are two different antioxidants found in this plant, namely cynarin and silymarin, which have been indicated to improve the liver’s health by lowering the appearance of toxins. These antioxidants are proven to actively support the redevelopment and repair of devastated liver cells, which is considered as one of the most difficult and longest process to complete.

6. Brain Function

There are a wide variety of aspects where artichokes that enables them to support brain’s health especially its high quality as a vasodilator which permits more oxygen to approach brain for increased cognitive function and for phosphorous as well. Since phosphorous deficiency can lead to some severe declines in cognitive capacity therefore it is highly recommended that you should consume artichokes to enhance the brain’s functions and keep your brain healthy as well. Avocados also improve brain function as well.




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