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Statehouse Conducts Serious Debates over Internet Privacy

The Republicans are running the country. It should come as no surprise that the government wants to “look into” consumers’ online data quite extensively. This move of federal government hasn’t please many states. The states have their own ideas.

The state of Illinois is drafting a legislation that will give user all the information about how their data is being accessed. The consumer will have full knowledge of the content and the amount of data companies like Facebook and Google are sharing with other businesses. This is not something new. European internet users already have that right. Many in United States are now itching to get that right for themselves.

Illinois House Committee will vote for two bills next week. One of the bill is related to smartphone applications and their tracking of location of consumers. The other bill suggests there should be a limit on microphones on devices that are constantly connected to the internet.

If these two bills make their way into law, the implications would be huge. These bills will benefit consumers throughout the country and not just Illinois users. It will definitely create a role model for other states to follow – and they will. Because this sentiment is very popular amongst the general public.

IT companies will have to alter laws based on geographic locations. This means that they will have to set different protocols for Illinois and different for other states. That is a very complicated task. Logic says they will make a more careful content sharing policy that will benefit the entire United States population.

Illinois isn’t the only state making headways in internet privacy. Here is a brief summary of other crusading states:

  • Connecticut has recently passed a law that regulates access to online information even by federal authorities.
  • California has passed a law that restricts government from accessing online communication between two users.
  • New Mexico has passed a similar law.
  • West Virginia and Nebraska have passed laws that restricts employers from monitoring employee’s private social media accounts.
  • Missouri and Hawaii are looking to pass a similar bill as above that includes students, tenants and employees in it.

Current White House regime is being portrayed as an authoritarian one that will not compromise on its plans. While some argue that cyber monitoring is essential for security, many believe that accessing private information for commercial or political use is wrong.

This “Right to Know” bill in Illinois has naturally faced severe resistance from large IT companies. Representatives from Facebook, Google, Apple and Lynch have visited Democratic state senator, Michael Hastings in order to seek “leniency” in the bill. We recommend you to check this list of the best VPNs for usa by

So far it is good to know that Illinois is not budging. More and more internet privacy issues are taken up at every debate. The American people certainly support this bill and many others aimed at making their online information more secure.

Let’s hope federal government realizes this and gives the bill their support.

More freedom to internet users around the globe!

About the author:

Nuur Hasan is a software developer and a political activist, he intends to dedicate his life to the becoming the voice of the voiceless.