Best shipping company to move your car

When you plan to shift one of the most important items is your car. Moving the car needs great precision and care because of the size as well as the fragile nature. Shipping the car becomes herculean task since any damage to the external or internal parts can lead to huge expenses.

While moving the car from one place from another one needs to take few precautions which are as follows:

  • Discuss the Insurance coverage policies of the company.
  • The external elements of the car should be taken out to prevent damage while shifting.
  • Empty the fuel tank but keep some fuel in the tank for transportation from company port to final location.

Car shipping companies in New York can be chosen based on the requirement and services offered by the company.

Keep in mind following points before choosing the transporter:

  • The haulers for the car are available in different size and shape which can be chosen based on the type of Car.
  • The shipping company should be experienced and fully equipped with haulers for car transport.
  • Check about market reputation and customer feedback.
  • Ask for the door to door delivery service from the company.


The quotation for car transport can be found on the company website by providing details such as size and type of vehicle along with model and year of make. The quotes from various companies can be analyzed, and the best company can be chosen for moving the car based on your budget. One must select a company after checking various details of the same. To check such detail, one can go through the reviews provided by the previous customers of the company on the company website. One can also ask the reference of some clients from the service provider also.

Shipping of Golf Cart

Golf cart is the small vehicle which is used in golf course for moving from one place to another. The cart helps the golfers in moving as well as carrying their golf kit and equipments when the game is played. The Golf carts are fragile and should be taken care of. While shipping the cart if it gets damaged, one can incur huge repairing expense. Therefore, it is essential to choose the movers carefully who can assist in the hassle-free moving of the golf cart without any damage.

Precautions while moving Golf cart:

  • The golf carts are equipped with electric parts which need to be charged before shifting.
  • If your cart is fuel based, make sure to empty the tank before moving. However, leave some fuel for loading and unloading of the cart in shipping vehicle.
  • Ask the movers and disconnect the battery if required.
  • Pack the whole cart with covering to prevent cracks or scratches while transporting.
  • Also, ask the company to tow the vehicle at a lower speed for safety.
  • Discuss the insurance coverage and company policies in advance.


Best Golf cart rentals in New York for shipping can be found on the website of the transporter.

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