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Abayas refer to a type of dress worn by the women of Islam and hence is a particular dress of the females of the Islamic culture. There are different varieties of designer abayas online which are readily available at a pocket friendly price that can be easily afforded by all and most importantly the collection that is available online is quite phenomenal.

What is Abaya?

Abaya is the singular form of Abayas which actually means a cloak in Arabic, especially in Literary Arabic. It is also known as aba. Abaya is basically a full length outer garment which is generally sleeveless worn by the women of Muslim community. It is simply a loose over garment typically a robe like dress. The rationale behind this abaya is attributed to a quote of Quran which is given as the argument for wearing of the abaya.

Countries in Which Abaya is Worn

Saudi Arabia is the main country where these abayas are very common. In other Muslim communities, the wearing of the abaya is not very common. The wearing of abaya by the women of the Muslim community in the countries of Indonesia, Pakistan and India is extremely rare.

Styles and Types of Abayas

There are different types and styles of abayas called by different types but the purpose served by them is the same that is covering. The more contemporary types of abayas are caftans that are usually cut out from the light and flowing fabrics that are as mentioned below.

  • Crepe
  • Georgette
  • Chiffon

The other styles in which the abayas come are:

  • Front open style
  • Front closed style

The styles basically vary from one region to another. Some of the dresses are embroidered on black coloured fabrics whereas the other abayas are coloured brightly that have a completely different forms or artworks on them.

The abayas are also classified into the following types that are as follows:

  • Maxi dress abayas – These abayas represent the maxi dresses and are designed similar to the design of the maxi dresses and hence the name.
  • Formal Abayas – As the name indicates, these abayas are worn on formal occasions such as in an office, meetings etc.
  • Causal Abayas – These are simply casual wears and generally worn by the younger females.

Currently, there are several stores that offer a variety of fashion abayas online which are in great demand in the market and hence the manufacturers are always keen on bringing about different types of designs so as to keep the diversity in the designs of the abayas intact. The world of online marketing has made it even easier to access to the huge varieties sitting at home. Purchasing the abayas online gives special advantage to the buyers of availing the facility of cash back by the use of various coupons and codes. In general, the abayas come in a wide range of prices that depends mainly on the material used for its manufacturing and the designs that are embroidered on the abayas.

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