varanasi places to visit

Cherish the Spectacular Architecture of this City!

Varanasi is a beautiful old city with so much of charm, spirituality and architecture. There are variety of spots and destinations which captivate tourists and visitors from around the globe. The most spectacular thing about this city is that it has a blend of ancientness and modernity.

If you have never been to this land of mysticism then you must pay a visit. You can go for Varanasi hotel booking for your comfortable and convenient stay. After all the city has so many spots that would take at least your one day for getting explored.

Artistic Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Kashi Vishwanath Temple is a renowned temple of Varanasi. The shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva. This place of worship is one of twelve Jyotirlingas and also reserves a mention in the Holy Scriptures. The building of this shrine has a streak of smaller temples situated in the Vishwanath Galli. The chic of this temple is extremely artistic and caters a distinct appearance. The temple is also called the Golden Temple. So, once you visit this spot, you will find a very fine architecture along with abundance of mysticism.

The Splendour of Sarnath

Sarnath is one of the four most important Buddhist pilgrimage centres of India. It is situated at a distance of just twelve kilometres from Varanasi. IT has an extensive collection of spectacular architecture, sculptures, artefacts and edifices encompassing different Buddha and Bodhisattva graphics. For preserving all the diggings and findings at Sarnath, Archaeological Survey of India created a site Museum right at Sarnath. Extremely fine and beautiful samplings of Buddhist art and diverse significant remains have been kept at the museum.

The most popular exhibition of Sarnath museum is lion capital but it too possesses a small yet awe-stirring assortment of Buddhist artefacts. Amidst the stuff to see is a gorgeous sculpture of Buddha from 5thcentury. Buddha sits cross-legged, along with his eyes downcast in profound meditation, and there is also a halo around his head. Moreover, the visitors can also witness different stunning figures of bodhisattvas. Indeed, Sarnath has plenty of spectacular architecture for inventive buffs and creative minds. In case you have any interest in art, creativity, innovation, or architecture, you must not skip this spot.

The Charismatic Kathwala Temple

This temple is extremely famous for its lovely architecture and wood work. It has been said that it was built by King of Nepal and thus, this shrine is also popular as Nepali Temple. It is situated on the Lalita Ghat and entices the attention of tourists greatly. Here the intricate wood carving fascinates the visitors most! You can find a lot of rush at this spot not just because of its spiritualism but also for its magnificent architecture.

Thus, these were just a few spots of spectacular architecture, in case you want to enjoy the wholeness, just visit the city! You can easily do booking resort Varanasi for your stayover. So, when are you going to head towards this welcoming, artistic, and mystical city? Don’t miss this place if you really want to experience the roots of India.