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Plan a trip to Ranikhet this summer with your friend

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Plan a trip to Ranikhet this summer with your friend

ispoz May 3, 2017

At least once you need to make a plan for trip in the hills. Because hills provide you the pure oxygen and instils in you the love for nature. The freshness of the hills, the adventure that awaits during the trip are the thrills which you must enjoy with your best buddies. And what place could be more apt for you besides Ranikhet?

Check out the resort in Ranikhet for your own convenience. Once you are done with booking and all the other official criteria, make sure you don’t forget to explore Ranikhet like never before. Keep reading.

  • Ranikhet is a small cantonment own which is basically maintained by the Indian National Army. The scenic beauty of this place has contributed much behind its fame. If you want to spend some days without thinking of your daily life chores, then Ranikhet is the place for you. Located in the Kumaon range of Himalaya, this place provides you a close intimacy with the abundant nature.
  • Ranikhet is not far from Nainital and Almora, two other sister towns that are located nearby. The quintessential natural beauty of Nainital and Almora are something that is so precious that you wouldn’t want to miss them by any means. Keep some time in your hand so that you can explore these nearby places. Once you are here, check out the lakes of Nainital and the scenic beauty of Almora. Believe us, you will plan your next hill trip to Ranikhet, that’s guaranteed.
  • Check out the marvels of Ranikhet on your trip. Ranikhet is not a very happening place. In order to maintain the parity with nature, there is not much activity you will get to see in here. You can always go to the nearby villages to spend the lazy afternoons there. Also, check out the temples of this place.
  • There are various viewpoints in Ranikhet which you must visit. One of them is Majkhali. This place is located nearly 11km away from Ranikhet. You can sit there for hours, witnessing the sunset. The abundant and mesmerizing natural beauty of Majkhali is so charming and hypnotic that you will love this place the moment you set your feet here, believe us!
  • Check out the small cantonment town area of Ranikhet. Buzzing with life, this small town welcomes the tourists with warmth and hospitality. The authentic cultural heritage of Ranikhet is one such thing you must enjoy while talking to the locals of this place. If possible, have the local foods of Ranikhet to understand the distinguishing cultural ethnicity they possess.
  • And last but not the least, check out places like Bhalu Dam, Chaubatia Gardens, Haidakhan Temple and many other places which are of prime attraction at this place. The quaint, serene atmosphere of this small own acts in such a hypnotic way that you can never describe the happiness in words. For that, you will have to go to Ranikhet.

Ranikhet hotel prices are available via internet. Check them and book your hotel accordingly!


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