things to do in ahmedabad

Things that you ought to see in the city of Ahmedabad

Full of fun things to do and mesmerizing places to visit, Ahmedabad is indeed one of those places that are a complete tourist package. Thus, when it comes to planning a trip to Ahmedabad, it is very important one knows that which are the places that they want to visit so that they do not miss out on the most celebrated ones.

If you are gearing up for your trip to this city, then first book a hotel Ahmedabad of your choice, pack your bags and head out to explore these must visit places in the city:

  1. Manek Chowk: Though unconventional, the spirit of Manek Chowk perfectly encapsulates what Ahmedabad is all about. This city is all about working hard and partying hard after work. Manek Chowk happens to be the jewellers’ place of this city. In lieu with an age-old tradition, at mid night snack shops open at the Manek Chowk. These snack shops were mainly set up with the aim of providing food and water to the tiring jewellers who did not have enough time in their hands to go back home at night. Today you can also visit this place and gorge into some of the most delicious Gujarati snacks here will living in the spirit of Ahmedabad.
  2. Gandhi Ashram: This is one of the most visited places in the city. In fact, a lot of people come to Ahmedabad to visit this most revered place. This had been the abode and working place of Mahatma Gandhi for almost 19years of his life. It is from this place that people had set out on the historic Dandi March in protest against the unlawful salt law imposed by the British. Since it is located in the outskirts of the city, you can book a cab from any one of the hotels at Ahmedabad where you will be staying and travel to this help. Keep at least half a day in hand to cover this place.
  3. Dada Hari vav: There are a number of step wells that are found in Ahmedabad of which the Dada Hari vav is certainly the most celebrated. It was built by a woman who came from the harem of Sultan Begara sometime during the 1499AD. This step well is the perfect example of water conservation for a dry state like Gujarat and it also offers respite during the summers since the temperature always remains cool inside it.
  4. Kankaria Lake: This is one of the more recent wonders that this city has in store for you. Being the largest lake of Ahmedabad, many people gather here in the evenings to watch the beautiful display of lights.
  5. JhultaMinara: Want to explore a true architectural wonder when in the city? Then do visit the JhultaMinara. The interesting point about this pair of pillars is that if you shake one, vibrations can be felt in the other one as well.

These are the top 5 and undoubtedly the most interesting places that this city has to offer. If you want to see all that Ahmedabad has to offer, make sure that you do not miss these out.