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Experience Excitement through Trekking Trips

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Experience Excitement through Trekking Trips

sam bawa June 3, 2017

If you have a flair for exploring new things and doing adventure than you should not miss out the scope of trekking near your city. Who says that you have to go to all the way to other end of the country or world to enjoy natural charm and trekking trips? Once you look around with passion, you will find desired destinations right in the neighbourhood of your city.

In case you are living in Bangalore, just find out the diverse spots of trekking near Bangalore and plan out a happening trekking trip with your friends and colleagues. After all, why should people living in hill station have all the trekking fun? Such fulfilling trekking trips will surely fill you with lightness and freshness. So, check out the following spots!

Karighatta Trek

This wonderful trekking destination is located hundred kilometres from Bangalore. It is a beautiful destination for traveling admirers and trekking enthusiasts. Karighatta hill is mapped at a height of around 2,697 feet. You can have a cherished time during a trekking trip to this splendid destination!

Ramadevara Betta

This trekking track in Ramnagar is located at a distance of about fifty kilometres. It is the perfect trail for the folks who like trekking, rappelling and rock climbing. Once you have reached the spot of base, begin to climb the stairs that are about 300 in number. After surpassing these stairs, you will get to the point of temple. Here you can climb ahead from there. There is a gorgeous and electrifying trek to reach to top. This dramatic Sholay spot will surely win your spirits and cater you a delightful and adventurous experience.


Anthargange is placed at a distance of just one hour drive from Bangalore. The small yet pleasurable trek can brim your instant adventurous desires. The Anthargange trek is one of the most sought after trek near Bangalore. The trek is a mixture of trekking and cave exploration that drives the gusto factor. Moreover, Anthargange hill is completely enveloped with boulders. The place is set at a distance of around sixty-five kilometres from Bangalore. The hill is at a height of around 1712m above the sea level.

It is unnecessary to say that an Anthargange trip is perfect for trekking. Afterall about 3 kilometre trek is somewhat moderate as the journey starts with broken rocks and curly paths in the boulders. Such an audacious and jubilant trip will leave you contented and delightful.

Bheemeshwari Trek

Bheemeshwari is a spot enclosed by remarkable valleys. Here a number of plopping rivers and streams frame the progressing terrain. The encircling forest area has a large number of Indian Wildlife Species. While you enjoy your trekking endeavours, you might also encounter deer on your way. Icing on the cake is that there are numerous wildlife trekking tracks present for both beginners and professionals.

So, when are you heading towards your trekking trip? It is never too late to embrace a change in your life. After all, you too need some excitement, fun and thrill amidst your working days and packed schedules!

sam bawa

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