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Why parents are refusing vitamin k for newborns?

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Why parents are refusing vitamin k for newborns?

sam bawa June 7, 2017

Most of the parents are refusing Vitamin K for their newborns because this vitamin helps the blood to clot. If this vitamin is avoided then there will be risk of developing the babies with vitamin K deficiency bleeding, which is known as VKDB which may be seen in the first week of life and up to 12 weeks of age.

Come across with risks of withholding newborn vitamin K

There are couples of risks involved in withholding newborn vitamin K.  These include-

  • 12% of babies expected to have some kind of bleeding if they are not using this supplement during the first week which may be carried up to 12 weeks.
  • If babies are not suing supplement then there is a high risk of severe bleeding, which is 81 times more than the normal one
  • Those children who have late VKDB among them half of them have bleeding in their brains which will lead in brain damage.
  • Treatment of this is very dangerous as it involves painful treatment where blood is repeatedly withdrawn and transfusion can also lead to death or disabilities part.

According to the studies it has found that, vitamin k is not compulsory to be used by the women during pregnancy time as it does not reach the placenta and affects the growth of baby development. Pregnancy is the natural process and the development of babies will take place in a natural way without having any artificial injections.

Is vitamin K possible with breast milk or food?

Vitamin Kdirectly does not reach to the placenta, its deficiency occurs even if a baby is getting proper supplements. Vitamin K does not transfer to breast milk and its deficiency is mostly seen in babies. Babies are injected with vitamin k supplements and provided with an oral dose, but there are more chances of side effects.

Truth about Vitamin K supplement

The truth about this supplement is that vitamin K causes childhood leukemia. According to studies is has found that there is no link between vitamin k injections and leukemia. It has also seen that two babies found to be vitamin k at birth and had bleeding with the skull. They both needed neurosurgery at urgent basis and will have complications in the related field.

 What decisions have to make?

Parents should consult their health providers before taking any decisions about Vitamin k deficiency.

It is safe and nontoxic in nature. All the babies are born with low levels of vitamin K, which is important for developing the blood clot of the baby. Almost all the babies are given a healthy shot of vitamin K after bleeding to prevent any type of blood clot. With regards to a vitamin K injection, it is given to treat and cure low levels of certain substances and mainly the blood clotting factors which the body tends to produce in a natural manner. This help the blood to thicken and then flow in a normal manner.

sam bawa

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