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Smart Tips to Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

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Smart Tips to Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

sam bawa June 17, 2017

Washing machines no matter how marvelous a device they are break down like all the other machines if they are not taken well care of. In today’s fast world we generally skip the care and maintenance regime of the appliances we own, hence pushing them to ruins by our very own self. This may not reflect as a big issue in our day to day life but once the machine starts to break down slowly we get frustrated by its low performance and finally have to shed money out of our pockets to buy a new one. To save you from landing into such a situation we have some smart tips listed down below, by following which you can make your washing machine Price in India last longer.

Don’t overload the machine

Overloading is double edged sword as it is not only harmful for the machine but is also not good for your clothes. When you put too much clothes in the machine at once then it puts unnecessary stress on the machine which in the longer run shortens its life. On the other side when the cotton clothes rub together it leads to linting and more the clothes you put the more will be the linting hence reducing the life of the cloth.

Keep an eye for rusting

Rusting is a silent killer that has the capability to put any device to ruins before you will ever know. So it is crucial to keep an eye for rusting especially in the bleach dispenser that can easily catch rust due to the corrosive properties of the bleach. However you can save your machine from rusting by cleaning all the surfaces vulnerable to rusting on a regular basis.

Get rid of the soap residues

No matter how clean the machine appears to be, it has soap and detergent residues stuck to it which you should get rid of on a regular basis if you want your machine to last longer. For doing so you just need to follow this simple step once a month and you are good to go, fill the washer with warm water and add a pint of vinegar to it and let this mixture run through a full cycle and by doing so the machine will get free of all the residues.

Keep the machine top clean

The spillage of laundry products like bleach or ammonia on the top of your washer, dryer or the control knobs can ruin them or make them dysfunctional in the worst case scenarios. Hence, you should immediately and properly wipe up whatever spills on your machine top.

Fix up the scratches

The machine wears and tears in the usage and can easily get scratched without you even noticing. Some scratches are very minute and are not easily visible to naked eyes but some are absolutely obvious and you definitely need to get away with them. For doing so you can purchase a touch up paint that matches to the color of your machine and paint the scratch in layers. Make sure to dry the first layer before adding the next one and so on.

Take care of the dial

Dials are not fancy knobs with which we can play around, it is very important to properly use them otherwise they will get damaged adding stress to our pockets. In order to avoid such a situation, you should never spin the dial while the machine is running. If you want to enhance the life of your timer dial then you should turn the dial slowly and always in the clockwise direction.

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