Treatment of Spine Tumor

Treatment of Spine Tumor in India

Spine tumor surgery is performed to partially or completely remove a benign or malignant tumor from the spinal cord. The basic goals of a spine tumor surgery are to relieve pain, restore or preserve neurological functions and provide spinal stability.

Indications of Surgery

  • When the pain is not responding to non-surgical methods such as medicines and other therapies.
  • When the tumor causes vertebral destruction, vertebral fracture or results in spinal instability.
  • Compression of neural elements by the tumor.
  • Existence of neurological deficits.
  • Presence of bladder or bowel dysfunction.
  • Poor immunity and risk of infection 


Back pain is the common symptom of spinal tumor. The doctor conducts physical examination of the patient such as palpating the spine, checking the spine for abnormal curvature, localized pain and muscle spasm, determining muscle strength, etc. Certain investigative procedures can also be conducted such as:

Blood test to determine whether pain and other related symptoms are being caused by infection or tumor.

MRI, CT scan and myelography can also be performed to get clearer images of the spinal cord and the nerve structures. PET scanning and lumbar puncture are other diagnostic procedures used for detecting spinal tumor.

Biopsy is another procedure that is done to capture tumor cells for microscopic examination. Biopsy is important in determining whether the tumor is benign or malignant. The tumor cells are captured using a needle which is guided to the tumor using X-ray or CT guidance. This is known as percutaneous needle biopsy.


The tumor on spine surgery recovery price in india depends upon the hospital infrastructure, operating room charges, fees charged by the team of doctors, length of hospital stay, medicines and many more.

Spine tumor surgery involves the removal of tumor, bone and tissues which compress the spinal cord or the spinal nerve roots. Following the removal of part of bones or tissues, the spinal cord can become unstable, therefore, the surgeon needs to stabilize the patient’s spinal column. This is achieved by using bone graft from the patient’s own body or from a donor’s body. The doctor can also use a biological substance to stimulate bone growth. Spinal instrumentation and fusion procedures may also be employed by the surgeon for stabilizing and reconstructing the spine. This process involves the use of rods, bars, screws and wires to stabilize the spine as the bones fuse together.

Posterior or back approach to spinal tumor surgery enables the identification of dura and exposure of the nerve roots. The anterior or front approach is done in case of tumors which develop in front of the spine or during reconstruction of defects caused by removal of vertebral bodies during surgery. During the surgery, a catheter is inserted through the artery in the groin to deliver a glue like embolic agent to the tumor site in order to block the vessels feeding the tumor.

The spine tumor surgery price in Indiais about $4800. The patient usually needs to stay in the hospital for 5-14 days which also adds to the treatment cost.