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Yoga is Essential for the Well Being of the Mind!

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Yoga is Essential for the Well Being of the Mind!

Sujeet June 20, 2017

Yoga is a set of exercises which involves physical exercise, mental meditation and breathing techniques to strengthen the body, soul and mind. In short, it ensures complete fitness of the body. This is something which even the intense gym workout sessions will fail to give you. Yoga works as a therapy on your body and mind. It ensures the well being of your mind.

In today’s life where body shaming is increasingly growing, our knowledge and concern about fitness has been limited. 90% of people in the country are only concerned about their weight. Yes, maintaining weight is very important to ensure proper functioning of the organs, but equally important is the well being of the mind. Something which is even more relevant in today’s lifestyle, but is often overlooked.

No wonder why there are increasing number of anxiety disorders, depression and even panic attack cases  in the country. In fact the third world countries are declared as the hub of these problems. With the increasing amount of awareness, people are now being more updated about these problems. Yoga has become one of the best ways to combat these issues and ensures a healthy state of mind. Here are 5 yoga postures which you can practice every day to find peace in your chaotic life schedules.

Natarajasana (Dancer’s pose)

Stand straightly  and set a focus on any spot in the straight direction. Now slowly bend your one leg behind you and grab your foot with your hand outward. After this, extend the other arm forward and tilt the body slowly to an extend till your spine creates a deeper backbend.  Remain in the pose as long as the body allows comfortably and now release back. Don’t push the body to bend forcefully as it might strain your spine. With regular practice the body will able to reach to the ideal state.  It’s a very powerful posture which works effectively for the mind and spine.

Anjaneyasana (high lunge)

Step your one foot forward and remember to keep the front knee above the ankle. The thigh needs to be parallel to the floor as much as your body can handle. Now slowly press through the back heel in order to remain the back leg firm. Keep  your hips square and spiral your thighs in such a way that it faces towards each other.  The posture not only calm down the mind but also stretches the upper part of the body very well. This leads to the reduction of fat around the waist and gives strength to the spine.

Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand)      

Hand stand is considered a slightly advanced yoga posture so should be done  only if you feel that you can pull your hips over the shoulders and the  shoulders over your wrists, comfortably. However, if you’re new to handstand practice than it’s better to do while supporting the body through a wall. It helps to avoid any strain over the neck while doing the posture.


It’s difficult to reduce the workload in today’s time, however, one can resort to yoga to reduce its negative impact on the body. These were few yoga postures you can do every morning to calm your mind and keep your body healthy. It’s always best to learn yoga under a professional guidance to avoid any strains and injury and 300 hour yoga teacher training is one such course.


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