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The New and Most Awaited LG V30 is Soon to Hit the Market!

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The New and Most Awaited LG V30 is Soon to Hit the Market!

sam bawa July 26, 2017

Smartphones and Android devices are developing every day with better utility and better features. With the increasing prices, the cell phones nowadays can compete with personal computers in terms of carrying out applications and cameras in terms of high resolution, higher mega pixel quality, zooming and other features. Needless to say, given a price range a person will have a number of choices laid out in front of him while buying a mobile phone. To make this process of buying a smartphone easy, you must take the help of mobiles, which is one of the biggest and most popular gadget research portals in India. The website can give you a detailed review and specifications of the gadget and also present the buyer with a comparative analysis of phones within the given range.

The following post will talk about the yet to be released phone of the LG V-series which is expected to release in August 2017, but the date is not yet officially announced by the company. The last model of the LG V-series was V-20 which released in 2016, and though it is yet too soon for the company to release another model, smartphone enthusiasts are already waiting eagerly for LG V-30 to hit the market. Surpassing the LG G-series, the V-series has created its own brand of followers’ due to it special and interesting features. If you want to go for a high-end phone with robust configuration, high definition display, and an excellent camera, then LG V-30 can be a perfect choice but does have a few shortcomings like the non-removable battery and hybrid SIM card facility.

With the tentative date of its release knocking at the door, here is a quick sneak peek into the features of the phone:

Display and Screen

The LG V30 has a screen size of 6.2 inches with an IPS LCD which is further covered by Corning V5 gorilla glass. Comprising of Nougat Android v7.1 Operating System, this phone has a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Apart from this, the phone has a fingerprint quick responding sensor which provides it with double security. The screen supports and recognizes multi touches and is capacitive. Hence the display, as well as the resolution of the screen, can be of much help to the user who loves to use a cellphone device with big screen and excellent view.


There are two quad Kyro processors which are built on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998 chipset. Moreover, it has a 4 GB RAM along with Adreno 540 GPU. The processor of this device is much known for its speed, and hence the user can use more than one application at a time.


One of the most important features nowadays is the camera which can click pictures which are comparable to that of a DSLR. This device has a dual camera setup with 13 megapixels + 13 megapixels for back camera and 8 megapixels front camera along with 4K video recording support. The phone camera also has added features like phase detection and autofocus, optical image stabilization, laser auto focus and so on. The dual LED flash can help the user to get the images in the low light area also. The pictures and images are of high definition quality, and so are the videos.  The beautiful features of the cameras on the device help the users who love to capture different types of images as well as video clips.

Battery and Storage

The phone is the best choice if you are looking for a fast charging phone. The reason for this is its 3500 mAhLi-ion non-removable battery and a quick charging charger. The buyer can use the phone for long hours for calling and carrying out activities on the internet. The phone has an amazing storage facility with an in-built slot of a 64 GB memory card and an external micro SD card slot of 2TB. Those who need to store a lot of data in the form of images, songs, and video clips. For the personal use also, it is an excellent device with grand storage where the user can store data for long term. The quick charging is much useful for the users who use the phone to a large extent and hence fear of getting out of battery soon.

Connectivity Facilities

Coming to connectivity, the phone has a dual-SIM card facility, along with 2, 3 and 4 G connectivity with VoLTE. The regular features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and USB connections are all available in the phone. The user can exchange the files as per any of the connectivity mode. The GPRS also supports Indian bands. One can also access the USB for data with the help of this device. For the NFC lovers also, this device is excellent as it has NFC feature where one can use the device without touching it.


The expected price of LG V30 in India is approximately Rs60,000, and it definitely falls under high range phones. There are many models from leading brands also in this category, and hence there are chances that the model has to face a huge competition in the market. But as it is loaded with ample features, the experts are much positive about the success of the model in the market.


The model is one of the most awaited phones for the customers who prefer LG over other brands. This phone is the best buy if you are looking for entertainment, be it through photography or watching videos or by playing games. The large screen ensures a comfortable watching and the quick charging feature serve as a saviour when performing these actions. Thus, if you are looking for a high priced entertainment phone, then this is a perfect choice. However, whether it will be a massive hit or not that can be said only after the launch of the device in the market.

sam bawa

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