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Utilize the DiSC Profiling Tool to Enhance Productivity

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Utilize the DiSC Profiling Tool to Enhance Productivity

sam bawa July 14, 2017

Intense competition often makes it hard for companies to beat their productivity and quality blues. To beat your rivals at their game mere setting of strategic goals and pouring in tons of money are not enough, for you need to align the employees to the overall vision of the company. However, this is easier said than done as most employees are wont to bide their time at the workplace instead of chipping in with inputs and diligence.

Let’s face the fact that job satisfaction of employees plays perhaps the most critical role in turning your company’s fortune for the good. A disgruntled employee will always look to cut corners, be it in terms of achieving productivity or servicing the end customers. So, instead of just hiring and firing people at will it makes sense to improve the work environment and eliminate irritants. Everything DiSC Management is a personality profile that will allow your managers to flourish and guide employees to produce better results.

Why do you need DiSC?

DiSC is more of a personality profiling system brought about by software that throws light on the behavioral patterns of individuals. These patterns indicate as to how an employee would think, act, react or interact in a workplace when, say,

  • Faced with challenging situations
  • Asked to follow specific rules and procedures
  • Asked to work under authority
  • Asked to work in accordance with the overall goals of the company

The knowledge about employees’ behavioral patterns can help in developing strategies whereby negative behaviours can be modified and a more favorable work environment is created in order to develop synergies across functions and boost productivity. Given that such positive outcomes can be derived by knowing the behavioral patterns of employees, businesses should leverage Everything DiSC Management profile assessment tool offers and implement its findings as well.

This widely used tool has been perfected for its intended use after years of research with empirical data. It follows the seminal work of noted American psychologist, Dr. William Moulton Marston of Harvard University, who had introduced the same after studying the behavioral traits of thousands of people in his book called ‘Emotions of normal people’ in the year 1928.

After studying the traits, instincts, and reactions of people spanning different domains, Dr. Marston categorized them into four major behavioral patterns viz., Dominance, Influence, Steadfastness, and Conscientiousness – or DiSC. However, it was Mr. Walter Clark who developed a tool in 1940 to gauge the behavioral traits of individuals based on the DiSC theory.

What are the traits?                                                                                                          

The Everything DiSC Management profile will provide the respondent with information regarding their DiSC style, which is broken into 12 unique styles (DC, D, Di, iD, i, iS, Si, S, SC, CS, C, CD).  Once your employee understands their DiSC style, it  can be put into use by way of training, allocation of resources, and confidence building. The four primary traits are as follows:

Dominance: People displaying this trait have the following characteristics:

  • Active, authoritative and go-getters
  • Direct and results-oriented
  • Accept challenges and mould the work environment in their favor
  • Possess self confidence and risk taking ability

Influence: Here too people are results-oriented but differ in their working styles when compared to people with ‘Dominance’ trait.  Those with the i style are:

  • Motivators, Optimistic, and lead from the front
  • Team builders, cooperative, and like to take everyone along
  • Livewires, inspirational, talkative, and people-oriented

Steadiness: Compared to D and i, people with an S style value harmony and have a great deal of empathy for others. They are:

  • Sincere, loyal, and team players
  • Consistent, methodical, and believers in the process as well the end result
  • Cooperative and encouraging of others

Conscientiousness: People with a C style are driven by accuracy and aim at maintaining stability. They are:

  • Organized and gives attention to detail
  • Logical and data-driven
  • Likely to challenge assumptions
sam bawa

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