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The Perfect Steroid for Women

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The Perfect Steroid for Women

sam bawa August 31, 2017

Bodybuilding and going to the gym isn’t just for men, it’s for women too. Women compete in bodybuilding, athletics and just want to stay in shape, just like men. Sometimes they need anabolic steroids to assist them in acquiring their desired physique but it can be a bit hard for them to look for suitable steroids since most of the steroids in the market prove to be too harsh for them.

Luckily enough, there’s stanozolol and with the correct stanozolol dosage for women, they can achieve what they’re after with relative ease and a bit (or a lot) of hard work but it gets results faster compared to not taking any steroids at all.

Perfect for women

Stanozolol or more commonly known by its brand name, Winstrol, is probably one of the safest and effective performances enhancing supplement that can be used by women since pretty much it is a mild anabolic steroid. Men can use it too but they wouldn’t really get a lot out of it compared to more potent anabolic steroids in the market. It enables you to lose weight and have a strong looking but smooth muscle tone that is just perfect for you and other women who don’t want to look like she-hulk.

Where to get it

In order for you to buy it legally, you will need to have a prescription for the steroid, especially if you live in the US or Australia. The drug is FDA approved however you cannot buy it without a prescription. What? That’s right, even though it is FDA approved; it’s still a controlled substance. Your only other option is to buy the steroid online from places that have more relaxed laws regarding steroids such as India or Mexico. You can either choose between the injectable one and the pills, whichever works for you.

Perfect for losing weight

With Winstrol, you can develop lean muscle mass without gaining weight and water retention so you don’t feel bloated. This is perfect for women who want a more fit tone without looking very bulky. Grow more muscles that look toned and tight without gaining any extra fat.

Follow the recommended dosage to avoid side effects

As with all steroids and supplements, there’s a recommended dosage as well as duration for you to get the most out of the steroid without minimal to no side effects.  The prescribed dose for the oral version of Winstrol is taking around 5-15 mg capsules once per day, do this for about 8-12 weeks for best results. Any longer than this and you are subjecting your body to be more prone to the side effects.

For the injectable Winstrol, taking a 25mg shot once every three days for 8-12 weeks will help you achieve the desired results. Also, any longer than this then you’ll be at risk of side effects.

The unavoidable side effects

Taking steroids will always have side effects, what you can do is lessen the risk of getting the side effects. How can you do it? By following the recommended or prescribed dosage and duration of use. Any larger dose for longer periods might subject you to virilization which means you develop more masculine symptoms like a deepening of your voice and growth of body hair, and you don’t want that to happen.

All in all, Winstrol (stanozolol) might just quite be the steroid of choice for women who want to look fit and lean but still have a more feminine physique. This relatively mild anabolic steroid is sure to provide women who are into bodybuilding, athletics or fitness an added edge and surely level the playing field with men.


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