Scuba Diving in Indonesia

Scuba Diving in Indonesia: A Challenging Way to Enjoy Indonesia’s Marine Wildlife

Having a vacation currently emerges as an essential need for human due to the higher stress and pressures received in daily life. One of the countries with a lot of vacation spots is Indonesia. Every type of vacation preferences is available in this country. Scuba diving in Indonesia is currently gaining popularity as interesting tourist activity thanks to the development of marine tourism. For further information, you can check on the following paragraph.

In the list below, we will elaborate the best secluded diving spots in Indonesia based on travelers’ reviews:

  • Bangka Belitung Islands: situated at Sumatra’s east coast, this place is a less popular tourist attraction compared to other diving sites. Thanks to that, the diving site are mostly still untouched, offering the beauty of nature at its finest. You will be greeted with a large variety of marine wildlife accompanied with pinnacles, colorful corals, and reef slopes. The water are relatively shallow and calm, suitable for all divers, regardless of the levels. It is much recommended especially for drift diving. The recommended dive sites in this area are Lighthouse Wrecks and CeporCepor. Lighthouse Wreck is located between 2 islands, and you are able to explore the crannies and nooks of the submerged wrecks. CeporCepor sits on a channel of 2 granite islands and has rocky boulders with many sea urchins.
  • Lombok Islands: this island is situated in West Nusa Tenggara, next to the infamous Bali Island. Despite being less crowded than its sibling, the islands manage to maintain its wonderful dive sites with its untouched pinnacles and coral reefs. It is a good spot to explore the diverse marine life of Indonesia. You can even dive with great hammerhead and scalloped sharks for extra adrenaline rush. Top dive spots in Lombok Islands include Gili Islands and Belongas Bay. Gili Islands are popular for its sea turtles, clear waters, beaches, and tiny coral reefs. For Belongas Bay, the famous attractions in this site are the macro marine life, including the popular hammerhead sharks, and pristine dive spots
  • PulauWeh: this diving spot is located in Banda Aceh, the northwest part of Sumatra. The island is considered very secluded and the remoteness offers fascinating experience of exploring the open ocean. It has natural and vibrant reef systems, completed with a huge diversity of marine life in Indo-Pacific. A segment of this place has been granted as wildlife protected area, thus you can expect to find a lot of scarce both marine and land species. The best diving areas in PulauWeh are PanteePeunateung, Rubiah Sea Garden, BateeTokong, and Sophie Rickmers Wreck. To find black-tipped reef sharks, you can go to BateeTokong, and for experienced divers, Sophie Rickmers Wreck will be a challenging place to visit, with its 134 m of mystery and history.

Those are several recommended scuba diving spots in Indonesia. You can start visiting the place closest to your hometown, especially if you are tight in budget and times. These places will certainly give unforgettable experience and memory in your life.