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Vital Attributes of Secured Business Websites


Vital Attributes of Secured Business Websites

sam bawa August 22, 2017

If you think that online security of websites or businesses can be ensured only by safeguarding critical data within firewalls, then you are grossly mistaken. The latest cyber attacks have helped burst the bubble that there is much to cyber security than meets the eye.

Modern hackers have gained amazing capabilities to not only intrude small businesses but also crack the seemingly impregnable security of large organizations. You can also appreciate that the objectives of hackers have also grown more sinister and extensive as the WannaCry virus aimed at taking the sites as hostages across the globe.

Modern day cyber criminals need to be dealt with smarter and more sophisticated security infrastructures. Protection of data by securing the same in a reliable cloud storage system is an effective defense against cyber attacks affecting your on-site facilities.

Implementation of preventive measures

The very first step in achieving robust security is by following the best practices across the system by way of automation of OS updates, securing procedures and email systems, and implementation of two-factor authentication comprising of username and password combination.

Passwords can be designed to expire after a specific period to further reinforce the security of employee login. Automated scans spam filters can offer security against infected attachments. Employees can also be encouraged to follow their own instincts to prevent opening of emails sent by unknown senders.

Malware protection

The scope of the term malware is vast and it covers all types of cyber threats that are aimed at attacking or intruding digital assets stored online or on physical computer systems in offices. These intrusions have potential to collapse entire business networks and can bring the operations to a standstill unless paid hefty ransom amounts.

Malware needs to be prevented from entering systems with help of firewall protection and seamlessly updated anti-virus software.

Importance of secure hosting platform

No matter how much care you have taken to thwart cyber attacks, your blog or business critical website is far from being protected unless you have chosen the right hosting platform. In the case of e-commerce websites, the right platform could be Go4hosting, Shopify or BigCommerce.

Hosting service providers offer great security in terms of monitoring and managing systems for possible threats and even providing round the clock physical security with help of armed guards, access control systems and so forth.

SSL Security across site

In spite of the green padlock’s excellent potential to visually reassure visitors that they are browsing a secure website, there is more to SSL connection than meets the eye. SSL takes into account the need to protect data as it migrates to and from your systems by preventing intruders from intercepting the data.

SSL certificates can also be purchased from a wide array of service providers if your hosting provider does not have the facility for the same. Always insist on a site-wide SSL certificate as it will provide security to the entire store and its applications.

Prevention of data loss with backups

By installing isolated infrastructures to store backups at the remote location, you can enhance data protection against extremely hazardous cyber attacks such as ransomware. You can definitely mitigate the potential of data loss if you plan backups with greater frequency.

Most of the hosting providers do not offer automated offsite backup facility and the same needs to be acquired as a third party app. One needs to make sure that the existing hosting service provider offers such resource.

Not storing payment data on own server

Online entrepreneurs can avail third party services for secure storage of payment processing data to minimize the scope of information leak. In addition to this, you can also leverage proven third party service providers for email marketing activities, management of orders, and so forth.

However, you will need to make sure that the service providers are carefully chosen and have a proven track record of securing business data of their customers.

Mitigation of fraudulent orders

Prevention of credit card frauds can be ensured by using fraud alert mechanism. It not only prevents future frauds but also helps you save money. Modern payment processors are designed to be enabled with this facility.

There are multiple types of red flags including orders from countries that are blacklisted, repeat orders with rapid frequency from the same client, mismatched addresses for billing and shipping, and so forth.

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