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Bhopal – The Beautiful City Boasting of a Rich Heritage

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Bhopal – The Beautiful City Boasting of a Rich Heritage

ispoz September 1, 2017

The capital of Madhya Pradesh is the beautiful city of Bhopal that is said to have once been the former Bhopal state’s capital. Presently, it is Bhopal division and Bhopal district’s administrative quarters. This city is also popularly known as the ‘Lake City’ due to the presence of numerous natural and artificial lakes. Besides this, it is considered to be among the country’s greenest cities. You can also find several important educational institutions in this region along with information technology centres considered to be the finest in the country. It is stated to be the country’s 14th largest city as well as the world’s 131st largest city. You can find the very best hotels in Bhopal that caters to all budget segments and needs.

Its importance

This city boasts of housing different types of institutions including installations that are of national repute. Also, it has been given the status of ‘Y’ class city, while being ISRO’s Master Control city. This region is also termed to be BHEL’s home along with various institutions that are of national importance like MANIT, AIIMS and NLIU. Hence, it presents itself to be a fabulous educational hub, thus inviting students not only from all parts of the country, but also from abroad to seek opportunities to enhance their career prospects.

Its history

This city was also considered to be the country’s second largest princely state ruled by the Muslim rulers, with Hyderabad in South India, being the first one. After achieving independence in 1947, Bhopal was desired by the then Nawab to be retained as an individual entity, separate from the country. It is said to have led to violent agitations that went against the decision of the Nawab in December 1948. This led to the arrest of a good number of freedom fighters from all over the country. It includes great personalities such as Shankar Dayal Sharma.

Some essential things to know

During your trip, you can visit Bhojtal, known as Upper Lake. This is a man-made lake, occupying a good amount of area and created after lower lake, with the increase in city population. This lake can be found to the city’s western side having a small island known as Shah Ali Sha Island. This lake tends to serve as an important drinking water source for the city residents. It is also known as Upper Lake or Bada Taal (Big Pond). This lake until 2011 March was renamed officially as Bhoj Taal. Raja Bhoj’s statue was installed later on.

Get the best accommodation

This beautiful statue can be found on a pillar at one of the lake corners. You can find the best hotel in Bhopal that will cater to all your specific needs and requirements. You can book one of the preferred rooms at a star hotel or budgeted hotel here. There are several hotels found in almost all of Bhopal. Almost each and every hotel is well built and offers supportive staffs, good food, great and safe stay, combined with relaxed atmosphere.


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