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Don’t get confuse and choose the best Career Option After 12th

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Don’t get confuse and choose the best Career Option After 12th

ispoz September 30, 2017

It has been seen that nowadays, many students are confused about their career. The same question running in the mind of many students, that what to do after passing 12th either they are from any stream science, arts, Commerce, medical etc. Everyone is confusing for choosing the best. Too many students start their career planning at last time and then they face many problems. For select the best opportunity it is better to begin early planning and calculate so many things to make intelligent and good decisions. Most of the time students take wrong decisions because of lack of guidance or information.

 There are various career options for the students to choose from but it is good to take a look at market scenario also before taking any decision.

Engineering: Engineering is fields that attract many students in India. There are so many fields in the engineering to choose. According to market scenario demand for the engineering is very high as compared to any other discipline. There are many different disciplines for the students to choose from such as Computer science, Information technology, Electrical, Electronic, Civil, Mechanical, Biotechnology, Chemical, and many others. One of the biggest advantage to choose to engineer as a career is that engineers are always in demand whether they are from any discipline. Also if we talk about salary structure is relatively high for engineers in India as well as in other countries.

Medical: Medical is another vast field after engineering. A student from the medical stream is always confused about what they can do after completion of 12th, but in Medical there are so many different options for the students. There are two categories in the medical field one is traditional and other is modern. Homeopathic, Holistic come under traditional category while western and allopathic come under the modern category. After passing 12th a person can choose a career as a nurse, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, orthopedics, etc. This is considered as a most respected career field. And, good growth has been seen in this field every year.

Management: Demand for the management students in India is also increased day by day. There are so many courses in Management such as BBA, MBA, B.Com, and M.Com. A Student from commerce stream can easily get admission in management field. There are so many different career options for a student to choose from such as they can go in Finance, Accounting, Human Resource, Marketing, Sales etc. There is a huge scope for getting jobs in banks as well as in multinational companies. If you have good mathematical and analytical skills, then finance and accounting field is best for you or else if you have good managing skill and good communication skills then HR, Marketing best suits you. Salary structure is also high with the high demand.

Animation/ designing: Other than science or commerce students there are so many career options for Arts students too. They can do courses like B.A, B.S.C, and BBA etc. There are so many government jobs for the people who are taking arts such as they can go in teaching, Acting, arts, music, fashion designing, hospitality and so many different fields.

For choosing the best career option start early planning as well as start analyzes your skills and potential. This will help you in finding the better option. If you are worried about how to get jobs or there is any job vacancies in these fields or not then no need to worry about it. Because there are various job portals which provide job opportunity for fresher candidates in almost every field either customer care, engineering, medical and much more or in so many different locations such as they offer  jobs in Hyderabad, jobs in Trichy, Jobs in Bangalore, or in Delhi, Noida, Punjab etc.


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