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Interesting Facts on Plant Cells

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Interesting Facts on Plant Cells

ispoz September 24, 2017

Most of us who have studied Biology during our high school years have studied various topics related to the subject.  Cells in particular hold a key role in the development and sustenance of every organism in this planet.  Apart from granting stability and structure to the organism, the required energy supply for them is also done by the cell. These tiny little components are not visible to the naked eye without the aid of the microscope. Below are certain facts about plant cells that you might have not recognized until now: 

Different yet similar from animal cells:   How many of us are aware of the fact that both the cells of plants and animals are quite different and alike at the same time?  Yes, you heard it right. During the school days we had only heard that there are no similarities between both these cells. 

Role of Photosynthesis:  The name of photosynthesis is known to almost everyone we know. In this process water, carbon dioxide and sunlight are converted into oxygen, energy and water. However, it might be quite surprising to us regarding the fact that life in our planet would not exist without this process occurring in plants. Such is the importance these cells have on the living organisms in this planet. 

Reproduction Types:  There are two types of reproduction that happens in cells viz. sexual and asexual. In the former, form of reproduction two cells would combine to create a new living cell and in the latter mode of reproduction, one single cell splits into two new cells. 

Storage of water: Interestingly, plant cells contain cell walls that assist cells to hold water. The water, thus held is used for various processes carried out by the individual cell. 

Member of eukaryotic cells: Since the plant cells have a well defined nucleus, it falls under the category of eukaryotic cells. There are two known types of cells viz. prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Thus, the mystery regarding the cellsof plants is a wonder by itself which has fascinated biologists around the world. There are various kinds of research that are being conducted to know much more about them and would continue to happen in future.

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