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3 Vegetable Soups So Yum And Healthy That You Won’t Refuse!

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3 Vegetable Soups So Yum And Healthy That You Won’t Refuse!

sam bawa October 30, 2017

We often go to a restaurant and have a soup as a starter or as an appetiser. Needless to say, soups are really healthy and have a lot of benefits. I personally love to have soups and especially in the monsoon or winter season. They serve to be a perfect evening snack. Also, this is the time when many people actually fall sick or come down with the flu. In such times, soup can actually do wonders. It is not very difficult to eat and you can get all the proteins that you need in that one bowl of soup.

Now, often I have seen people arguing about which soup is healthier, the vegetarian or the non- vegetarian one? While some argue that the vegetarians often miss on to the proteins that chicken provides, I think there are a few soups that can be as good!

So, today I am going to list of 3 of my favourite vegetarian soups and also I will tell you their benefits. And if you like them, you must try them out at your home as they are very simple to prepare.

  1. Tomato soup- as the name suggests, this is soup uses tomatoes as it primary ingredient. This is one of the most common soups and we all have tried it at least once in our lives. It has this thick and creamy texture that can be garnished with sour cream or croutons. It is very easy to prepare all you have to do is be prepared with a lot of tomatoes. If you wish you could get the tomato soup recipe in Hindi or English from the internet.


  • It improves the bone health because of the vitamins and calcium amounts.
  • It is good for one’s cardiovascular health.
  • It helps with one’s blood circulation as well as it is great for weight loss.


  1. Lemon-coriander soup– the lemon coriander soup does use these two as its prime ingredients but it also uses chopped chillies, chives and cabbage. This is another great soup for the cold weather or for someone who’s just got up from their sick bed. Needless to say, all the greens in the soup make it very healthy and also all the ingredients are very easy to find.


  • This soup is enriched with vitamin C that makes it good for the skin.
  • It is also good for one’s immunity system.
  • also, it is good for one’s blood circulation


  1. Mixed vegetable soup– this uses all sorts of vegetables like chives, carrots, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, green beans etc. Actually one could use vegetables of their own preference. This is a very easy recipe and has abundant benefits with it. You could also take help from the internet for the recipe and try this out soon and make a perfect evening snack for yourself.


  • This gives very low calories but high nutrients because of the vegetables.
  • It gives your body immunity and proteins in abundance.
sam bawa

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