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A brief introduction to Class 11 Economics Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

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A brief introduction to Class 11 Economics Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

sam bawa October 4, 2017

Economics is the subject that in a nutshell deals with the production, consumption and the transfer of wealth. Various economists and scholars have defined the subject in various ways and have invented terms like Micro Economics and Micro Economics. But, the most important part is to learn about the Economic development of the country you live in and the difference in the same from before to after Independence. Economic growth and economic development are two intertwining terms, and there was a rise in both after independence. One of the important reasons for this was a planned economic growth which led the government to follow strict five-year plans to see a gradual rise in the GDP of the country. Knowing the Economy of your country and its growth gives you an important insight into where it stands now and also makes you a responsible citizen of sorts. Here we will see the syllabus of the CBSE Class 11 Economics Chapter 2 and Chapter 1.

Chapter 1- Economy on the Eve of Independence

The first chapter of the book gives us an idea about the state of the country’s economy pre-independence. It helps us to know the economic condition during the British rule and how all the sectors performed in those days. The different sectors of the economy that is agriculture, trade, and commerce, infrastructure, etc. are connected, and all lead to economic growth and development. The topics are:

  • Introduction
  • Low Level of Economic Development under the colonial Rule 4
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Foreign Trade
  • Demographic Condition
  • Occupational Structure
  • Infrastructure
  • Conclusion

Chapter 2- Indian Economy 1950-1990

When the British left this country, there was an urgent need to set the economy back on track which was ripped and was in very low conditions. Both the agricultural and industrial sectors were degrading. The country faced famines and massive shortages of food which resulted in the Green Revolution in the 70s. This chapter gives you a detailed account of the rise in the economy step by step. The topics taught in the chapter are:

  • The Growth of five-year plans
  • Agriculture
  • Industry and Trade
  • Trade Policy: Import Substitution

What is the role of the NCERT Solutions?

Once you are thorough with the chapter from the NCERT CBSE book, the next step is to take up the solutions book. The NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence and Indian Economy 1950-90 help you to solve questions from these chapters. This is needed not only to make you completely thorough with the chapter but also prepare you for the annual and final examinations. You get an idea of the type of questions that can be asked and solve them within a given time so that there is no compromise with your speed. One always excels when put to the test. You can always test yourself by seeing if you can answer the questions correctly after reading the chapter.

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