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Christmas:Ten Days Long Celebration


Christmas:Ten Days Long Celebration

ispoz November 20, 2017

Finally, Christmas is getting closer; it is the most wonderful time of the year!  And it’s also the time when from our busy schedule we find out some time for our family and friends.  Weeks before Christmas, people search merry Xmas quotes for their friends and families and wish them by sending messages on their Smartphone’s or gadgets.

Christmas is the biggest festival celebrated by the Christian community all across the world. They celebrate the commemorate birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas festival is celebrated every year across the globe on 25th December. Not only Christian but everyone celebrates this festival with faith, joy, and enthusiasm. This day is very special for Christian people so before Christmas Churches are fully cleaned by the staff of the church and people also cleaned their houses for the Christmas Eve.

Christmas word comes from ‘CristesMaesse’, or Christ Mass. Before midnight on Christmas Christian people do midnight mass. Throughout the world everywhere in churches, this ceremony is held which marks the beginning of Christmas day. Churches are decorated with lights and fancy portraits of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary.  With different type’s pictures and sceneries, churches show that how Lord Jesus was born.

Christmas is a long ten days celebration, people bought a tree and placed inside or outside the house and also decorate that tree with lights, small decorative ball, glitters and big multicolored paper stars, and angle placed at the top as the host of the angles. People visit markets with their families and buy new clothes to wear on this day. Churches are fully cleaned by the staff of the church.

On the occasion of Christmas, Children at home wait for Santa Claus, who delivers gifts to good children. On this day people exchange X’Mas gifts with friends and family. In gifts, people usually prefer to give X’Mas Cakes, Stars, Lanterns, Fresh Flowers, Christmas Hampers, Santa Soft Toys and much more.

Previously on this festival people used to lighten up the candles everywhere, in the modern world, they are often replaced with fairy lights. But still, people lighten up the candles in the church; as Christian community believed that lighten up the candles are the symbol of Jesus as the light of the world.

Christmas Festival is not only celebrated in Abroad but it is also celebrated in India.  As India also have a good number of the Christian community. If you visit the state of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and West Bengal states of India you will see a lot of Christian’s people there.

They also decorate their home with lights and decorate Christmas tree with lots of decorative things and on the Christmas Eve prepare Dinner for their guests, exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols and in last perform their traditional dance.

Christmas WhatsApp status

“I wish Santa Clause brings you the gift of never ending happiness this Christmas! May you and your family be blessed abundantly. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!”

“May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It is the time of loving and forgiving. Happy Christmas Day…”

“Feelings are many but words are few Clouds are dark but sky is blue Love is a paper’ life is glue’ everything is false’ only My Love is TRUE… Merry Christmas…!!!”


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